Hard blow to ICD

In Mid December of 2018, I went to the San Diego Airport to pick up family from England coming for  Chistmas. I got an Aiport Baggage Cart to help out. Whilst pushing this cart, a piece of baggage fell of it and I tripped on it. When I was on my way down, the Baggage Cart had turned upwards as I had my hands on the crossbar. The result was a very hard blow directly on the ICD which was extremely painful. It had been installed in April of 2018. Pretty soon, an Ambulance appeared and took me off to ER. I was there about six hours whilst they checked th ICD out. They let me go when everything seemed to be fine.

In Mid February of 2019, I began to get short of breath. Off to the ER again. Could not find any problem with me.. Two weeks later, same thing. Again, could not find anything wrong with me. I am still having breathing problems but no solutions.

Has anyone else had any problem similar to this? It was a very heavy blow I took, similar to being hit with a Sledge Hammer. If so, did you have any problems like mine?


If you're alive . . .

by Gotrhythm - 2019-03-13 17:01:33

I'm sorry you're having trouble with being short of breath, SOB.

SOB has many causes--some related to the heart--some not. I was worked up for SOB a dozen times before someone thought to question pulmonary function. But there are other causes as well. Stay with it. You can find the answer.

But one thing you don't have to worry about is damaging your ICD. They are far, far tougher than human flesh. Any blow that could damage your ICD would probably kill you.

Here's a way to tell if your ICD has been damaged by a blow. If you're alive, it hasn't.


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