Working around Electrical Substations & Power Plants

I have a storm restoration function where I work that if their is an emergency due to a bad storm I have to report to an electrical substation, located night next to a power generating plant and coordinate electrical restoration in that area. This means that I work right next to large electric distribution feeders and right under high voltage power lines. I may have to manually operate the station breakers at times. I mentioned this to my EP doctor and he feels it shouldn't be an issue once my PM is inserted.

Does anyone have other information on this issue?


try it and see

by jimkirschvink - 2007-06-11 02:06:53

you hear so much bs about pacemakers. it would probably take a lot to make a difference. my doc said "go ahead and weld, the worst that could happen is you'll pass out."

The only effect I've noticed is if I drink a little too much, such as my last birthday.

Go for life! Don't be paranoid. the PM is truly a modern day miracle and a chance to live a normal life

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You play MP3 files on your pacer.

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