It's been 35 days since my PM placement. I want to know if I can submerge myself in water? Or if I should wait and keep the scar dry...?



by Theknotguy - 2019-02-18 11:50:07

I wouldn't swim until the pacemaker implant scar is completely healed over.  There is a chance for opening the wound and getting an infection.  

After the wound has completely healed I wouldn't do too strenuous of a workout swimming at first.  There is still some underlying tissue healing that goes on after the surface of the wound has healed.  

I started tossing the ball for the dog about eight weeks out.  Threw a little too hard and really pulled something underneath the skin.  Took it another month to heal enough so I wouldn't have pain while moving the arm too strenuously.  Didn't pull the leads or anything like that but it sure was sore.  

I know swimmers like to get out there as much as they can but you'll really want to take it easy at first.  


by randall - 2019-11-04 15:51:31

When in doubt - wait.

Why don't you contact your doctor's office (EP)?


I have an ICD (Boston Scienific - CRT) my second. I will need a replacement next year.

I am very active at 78. I work full time and I started competitive swimming 12 years ago.

I swam all the strokes until I was 72. No more butterfly. I can't "pull" the water any more.


I was in a National Masters swim meet in 2012 and went into sudden cardiac arrest swimming the 200 backstroke. I swam the 800 meter freestlye the day before..

Boston Scientific did a video on me that you can access:

Go to Google - type in "Jim Oster Swimmer".

My device is amazing - 98% effective in restoring a normal heart rythem


Good luck with your swimming.




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