Neck pain/ Stinging

I am 24yrs old female that just had a medtronic single lead pacemaker implanted feb. 1st. I had to have it due problems with my SA node! I have been feeling much better since the pacemaker...less tired..easy to breathe...less chest pain. But have been having stinging in chest around left breast under pacemaker. Also extreme pain in my neck...actually my carotid artery area...feels like someone hitting me there! It comes and goes and sometimes last maybe 10 mins to 1hr. Sometimes i get really faint feeling with it. I have checked my pulse and have had ekgs but everything looks ok. I am an EMT/Firefighter so i have access to check all day!! Anyone else have these symptoms or may know anything that will help me! Thanks
April (emt500april)



by Silversmith - 2007-04-10 08:04:13

April, I was always told that self diagnosis can be risky so before you make a final decision, I recommend that you be checked out by your doctor. The problem could be that your pacemaker has a higher than necessary power setting or it could be that part of the electrical impulse from the pacemaker to your heart is going astray and causing the problem. The doctor should be able to identify the source of your problem


by tcrabtree85 - 2007-04-11 06:04:15

That is somewhat of the way I was feeling. I haven't have had my pacemaker about a month now and went in yesterday b/c I decided I didn't like the feeling faint and what not. From my shoulder into my left hand it has been going numb and what not. I am also an EMT/ CNA and was assuming things but when I went in found out totally differently that I have positioning virtigo and also that I have some nerves that got a little damaged towards my neck and shoulder . The dr. said that he sees a lot more younger people say this instead of older. You voltage may also be set high and you could be feeling that also. Call in and ask your doctors nurse some question. Your pacemaker is still pretty knew and may also need to be changed some. I wish you luck and keep me posted. If you ever wanna talk just send me a private message. I am 21 and it has been nice meeting some people closer to my age that can relate more with each other. You are in my thoughts.

Neck pain & stinging

by LeeAnn - 2007-04-12 08:04:36

Hi April,
I had emailed you when I read one of your previous posts regarding your pain... I also have had a recent PPM on 2/26/07. After having it put it I initially had a lot of "twinges" for lack of a better word. My feeling wasn't that it was the pacer itself but as Tammy mentioned nerves and muscle responding to the pacer placement. Some of these twinges were quite intense and felt like a sudden burning or pinching sensation that seemed to radiate into my left arm. Thankfully I can say that the number of these has diminished. I also had for the first two weeks following placement a feeling of fullness in my upper chest and throat that intensified if I bent over. The feeling of pressure was quite unsettling. I called my EP's office and mentioned what was happening as this was a totally new onset of sensations. They were more than happy to accommodate me for an office visit or suggested I go to the ER if sensations intensified. I opted to ride it out and those feelings also subsided on their own. Best of luck, keep us posted

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by rosep - 2007-04-13 12:04:36


I have had my pacemaker just over five weeks now and up to a couple of weeks ago I had little discomfort. For last 2 weeks I have had some sharp stinging/burning sensations in the area just above my pm up to my collar bone and into my shoulder - this has intensed in last couple of days. I thought it may be movement pulling on new scar tissue as I heal but it is interesting to read the other comments. I am at my first clinic next week and intend to speak to my doctor about this!
Hope your discomfort eases quickly. Rosep

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