CRT-D fitted

Hi all, here's my story.  In September last year, at 47yrs, I found out that my GPs diagnosis of Asthma 7 years ago was in fact heart failure!  I had an EF of 20% (most likely cause was a virus) and no other heart/valve problems but lets face it thats enough!!  I had a Boston Scientific CRT-D fitted on December 18 and my EF with the help of meds had gone to 32%.  I thought I would bounce back after the operation much quicker than I have.  I am able to do more as each week goes by but by that I mean the basics of getting through the day with kids, housework (I'm a neat freak!) and even manage to stay up until 11pm some nights!  Sometimes in the late afternoon I get a 'flutter'.  I actually thought that the pacemaker would solve all problems overnight and I would be a bionic, functioning mum.  When I went for my post op check I mentioned looking up on the internet my EF function with a pacemaker/defib and wondered what next.  It didnt look good with studies showing that only 50% live longer than a year.  I was wondering if anyone out there has a more positive spin on the same problem.  The clinic nurse didnt really give an answer.

Thank you in advance.


Thank you Robin1

by Dee Dee - 2019-01-30 14:04:50

Thank you, it has helped a lot to read that.  It is reassuring and I will look for every improvement as you did. 


by Gary L - 2019-02-01 12:46:12

I have a similar story; and believe me, if you have a good relationship with your Doctor, and your daily life is close to normal, there is no reason to believe that you won't continue to live a very productive and satifying life for a long, long time. Be positive, have faith.

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