"Twitching/clicking" in chest with exertion

Hello!  I'm a 67-yr. old female, with a Boston Scientific Accolade L301 PM (got it in June 2018), implanted on my right side (first PM was a St. Jude Zephyr DR #5820, implanted in Aug 2011, diagnosis: bradycardia/sick sinus syndrome).  I've been feeling what I'll call "twitching or clicking" in my chest, left side, primarily during execise/exertion.  Example: felt it during most of my morning 2.5-mile walk today, on hilly terrain.  Doesn't hurt, but is VERY noticeable.  More concerning is that when I'm done with the walk, I'm spent and want to just crash and take a nap.  Ditto after, say, 1 hour of a yoga class, or after some laps in the pool.  I'm generally fit (have exercised regularly most of my life) but since my first PM, it seems I've had to "push" through more and more and the "twitching/clicking" has definitely increased.  PM techs have never heard of anyone feeling such "twitching/clicking" and look at me like I'm nuts.  But, the zapping of energy is now really bothering me and I'm wondering if I shouldn't be exerting myself...  My monitor indicates the PM is working properly so we're all stumped.  Has anyone out there ever experienced something similar?  Can you shed any light? 

~ Aulee



Twitching clicking

by Gotrhythm - 2019-01-17 15:59:27

First: The fact that your pacemaker is "working properly" only means that it is working as it is programmed to. It doesn't mean it couldn't be responsible for your symptoms.

Second: I googled keywords twitching clicking pacemaker and actually found a Pacemaker Club post about phrenic nerve stimulation caused by the positioning of pacemaker leads. Using Pacemaker Club's own search function, I couldn't find it again, but there are lots of posts about phrenic nerve issues. Go to the little magnifying glass in the upper right corner.

You know your body and you know something is zapping your energy. Stay on the case until you get some real answers.

Twitching front of chest

by Selwyn - 2019-01-18 11:57:30

When I first got my PM all seemed OK. As I got more active I found the front muscle of my chest twitching. 

I thought it was a nervous thing. ( soemtimes you can get a reflex loop, and eg. your ankle twitches when you have your legs crossed). I mentioned this to my tech. when I was having an echocardiogram, after some weeks of discomfort. 

I was changed from unipolar to bipolar pacing, and as soon as the tech. flicked the switch on his machine, I have never had muscle twitching since. 

Make sure you are bipolar paced.


by Lilyp18 - 2019-01-19 10:50:41

I’ve had my Boston scientific for 4 weeks now and every time I run I get “zapped” it’s a little sore but more just a noticeable feeling that I assume is the pacemaker kicking in. It’s because your heart rate is exceeding the limit. My top limit is 130 so whenever I go over it I get zapped :(

"Twitching/clicking" in chest with exertion

by Aulee - 2019-01-20 20:49:24

Thank you Gotrhythm, Selwyn, and Lilyp18!  All good points which I'll be covering with the Boston Scientific tech tomorrow.  I've got some FitBit HR chart readouts which may help (showing too high (I think) HR numbers during daily walk, which is when I feel the most twitching/clicking and then exhaustion afterward.  Hoping some adjustments can help me out here...  Appreciate your feedback!

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