9 months later

Thank ypu for your advice. I went to the ER was there for several hours. They told me they dont know whats wrong only the dr who put it in can say whats going on and they made the appt two weeks away. Sometimes i really regret the icd being put in because has been in total alomst 2 years of problems and i am tired. when you get these you cant just get rid of it. The heart becomes dependant and gets lazy so if they take it out it'll cause problems. This just isnt living its more like a battle and then the freak out episodes where the damn rhing vibrates like im about to get shocked every emotion my heart literally runs off of or lack there of. If i had a cboice i would have stayed on the life vest you have a choice before they put this in ones body but i wasnt given enough information they made it sound so easy no worries.i truley believe that not all people can have one of these icd i wonder if a persons body can reject it and fight against it mine feels like its pushing its way out and coming to the surfface right down to the lead on my left side shoulder you can feel the lead. Well ER wont do nothing. The dr isnt rushing to do anything and im to pop pain pulls and grin and bear it is what they tell me to do for the next two weeks because the exray looks good. Pictures cant detect a problem unless its a obvious one and nothing about either one of these models have been smooth sailing. This one was for 9 months didnt hardly feel a thing up 2 weeks ago felt good thought all was well and now its worse then any pain i have had before its like its pushing into my heart when i move my body or bend. Maybe they ought to try taking a picture wirh me bending or turning and see how that unit is positioned in those erays is what i am going to ask them to do


It's your life

by Gotrhythm - 2019-01-14 17:51:29

No one should accept pain and feeling bad as the "cost" of living with a pacemaker.

I see that the University of Iowa medical center is in Iowa City, near you. I see that they have cardiac and pacemaker specialists. They also have an ER.

Tell your GP how bad you feel. Get a referral. Go there.

It's your life.


9 montbs later

by Neweli - 2019-01-15 14:09:36

You are all so right!!.and so kind!!!!!! They told me to increase my zanax take more ibeprofen or tylenol until dr can see me. They never told me i would have to come in every six years for surgery i would have downright denied this icd. I am on ssi so i have to pay 20 percent of everything just for the university to go in and do that is over 52000.00 per surgery. 20 percent spells i owe the state my house as they place liens on your property if you ask for any health payment help in my state. 20 percent of the meds 20 percent of echos and 20 percent of the unit testing twice a year up to surgery. Wouldnt of never agreed to this as these units they know are defective and the univeristy collecting 8700.00 the boston scientific reimburses them for each device. They dont give it to your insurance they dont give it to you they just keep it as hush money. When i called in to find out if this was true they thpught i was talking about battery defects they have been collecting on those as well. I told them no not for batteries but for loose screws in the unit allowing the battery area to fill with blood. It angers me boston is profiting and the university is raking it in off our suffering and the FDA has a rule of protection with the manufacturers so we a person has no recourse. They know these things are defective and we are being used for profits. I filed a medalert and they threw it under the bridge while the university gets paid reimbursements and for procedures. I am stuck in the mud due to that 20 percent i have to come up with. The only thing i get paid is hospitalization and er care. I am soooo glad i gave our government 34 years of medicare payments on a promise i thought of free health care instead i paid for nothing and am getting exactly that in care nothing.

I feel ya

by Swordsman - 2019-01-17 04:58:06

I had mine just installed in December 2018, but had to go in yesterday for some adjustments.

i was getting some heavy (and numerous) “shocks” when laying down.

unfortunatly, the shocks were appropriate and therefore appreciated. My heart likes to stop every now and again. The doc and tech made some adjustments and I’m fit as a fiddle. In my case, I have one chamber that’s needs special attention. 

I have gotten shocked since but to a lesser degree and thank God for every one I get

Darn thing HURTS

by Mad heart - 2019-02-19 20:43:30

I feel for you all!

I told the ep that the device was hurting so bad that it was at the point of being unbearable. He told me to go seek mental health because it was not his fault. He was the one that crammed it in! I found another doctor and he said the same thing! Now I understand why more women die from heart disease, we are not taken seriously.

Still in horrorable pain

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