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My first day home after a three day visit at Virginia Mason Hospital in Seattle WA. Chauffeured to the hospital Tuesday morning in a red limo that looked something like a Hummer; this after passing out at work. They found out my heart was not keeping any sort of normal rhythm that one could march by, dance to or anything else. Doctor Fellows and company implanted the Insignia I Ultra in me on Wednesday, patted me on the head and said you will now be a new man; OK fine looking forward to it.
This forum has a ton of information on it and I'm off to read up on what everyone is saying about this bionic chip and its two long tails. My only two concerns now is seat belts ,and deciding to retire or not.



by jessie - 2007-03-23 02:03:36

give it some time before you decide. retirement. sometimes it is boring depending on your hobbies your time spent doing other things you enjoy only you can decide but you need to give it some time with your pacemaker and see how you feel. on seat belts a soft towel placed under the strap in the pacemaker area helped me. i healed quickly with no further problems and feel good except to shed some pounds. haha so good luck welcome to the site jessie


by Thedcn - 2007-03-24 03:03:24

Thanks Jessie. Soft towel is good. Looking forward to being able ot lift my left arm above my head:).

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