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So I had my medtronic surescan implant for braycadia mid april 2018 for CHB a week after my mitral valve repair surgery. I am a male at the age of 27 about 128lb was around 138 before my surgery for a while before I started back up at work in september I was diong the treadmill walking about a speed of 2.8-3.2 for about 2mi almost everyday which was great I had built up to that was also taking 25mg of metorperol twice a day untill the end of september as my cardiologist orders while recovering from my valve repair surgery.

My question is I need to get back into cardio and I wanted to start weight lifting again which I did a little bit of before my surgeries for about two years I had a 3day body workout and a 2day treadmill exercise routine then. My origonal settings on my pacemaker where 60/130 now they are 60/145 I am a little worried about working out again but I know that I need to because I want to become more fit which is the best thing for your body. I also wanted to try and pack on a little weight again. I currently stand and move around a lot at work everyday which is something but I don't count it as conditioning. A few weeks back I kind of felt light headed like I was giong to pass out at work towrds the end of my shift. This was an unpleasent feeling but then I kind of felt fine after a few minutes. This happened the day after using the treadmill at the gym had some sort of short palputaion beforehand that lasted only a few seconds. I think I did to much on the treadmill the day before went up to a speed of 3.6. Now the times I felt off are only at work. The thing that stresses me out is when I can kind of sense a drop in something that might happen and might lead to something bad but nothing bad does happen. They juist changed my upper limit to 145 this week after I sent a remote on monday. Satarday right after work from moving around a lot I went for a long dog walk probably 1MI at least in which the next day I felt like my rythem was abnormal and thats when they wanted me in for a non scheduled office visit.

How do you cope with excercise because I don't want to push myself to the piont of feeling bad and I also worry about lead crushing which is also giong to be hard for me to do with my build type. I was told no bench press try not to isolate the chest much and no high reputitons I guess in reagurds to working out the chest. For those who do a lot of exercise how many adjustments did it take for you to get the setting right and when you?


Lead crushing

by benne81 - 2018-12-20 23:17:53

Lead crushing is when one of the leads can get damaged from being crushed by the clavical. I was told not to worry about the leads comming out by now they are fully scared in place. I am just worried about high high my hr is giong to get in such a short time period if I start to weight lift. I am trying to get back into a gym routine where I can feel comfterable with myself and not worry that something might happen or might happen the day after. I don't want to experiance anymore lightheadedness or whatever it was.

weird. second for the cardiac rehab

by Uelrindru - 2018-12-23 16:31:04

The cardiac rehab is great. I'm a construction worker and fully believe I will be mostly back to work, real work short after I'm cleared to return.I believe, strongly, that the cardiac rehab played a big part in that. it's a  great program and helps immensely. they will work with you and by the time you're done you'll have a better idea how to proceed.


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