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When I got my ICD in 2013 my BP became extremely low. My normal, even when healthy, is pretty low.  I insisted they change my settings (I got ignored until my cardiologist read EP the riot act!) & I had significant improvement. Eventually I was at 45EF up from 20. Now 5 years later I have a new device. I was disappointed to need the new battery so soon but I pace at 100%. 2 years after my great succes, I declined to 35, now a year later I am 20EF.  I am VERY DISAPPOINTED!

Maybe one of my major problems is that I am alleric to all beta blockers. I had some succes with bystolic but eventually became allergic to it too.  Now I am only on an ARB, spironolactone & a sulfa free diuretic, edecrin.  I have had idiopathic dilated cardiomyopathy for 17 years, starting with a 10EF.

During the last 17 years, I developed diabetes and then at year 11, my kidneys suddenly began to fail.  They have amazingly stayed at stage 4 w/little repercussion and so far no more decrease. Much to my dismay, I was recently taken off meformin and am now on insulin that does not control my glucose well.

I lose weight consistently for no reason &  then suddenly regain on the very same diet. I take Vit B & D, iron, & magnesium.  Does anyone have any ideas re prescription meds???



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My eight year old son had a pacemaker since he was 6 months old. He does very well, plays soccer, baseball, and rides his bike. I am so glad he is not ashamed of his pacemaker. He will proudly show his "battery" to anyone.