Lower blood pressure after ICD implant

Has anyone experienced a lowering of blood pressure after having an ICD implanted.  I have a bi-venticular pacemaker/defib for cardiomyopathy probably inherited.  I have had to decrease my COzaar (ARB) by half since the implant, but have remained on the same amout of Coreg (beta blocker).  My resting heart rate is always around low 60s since the implant.  I have feelings of blood pressure dropping occasionally, cut not daily.  Has an implant lowered anyone else's BP?



Had similiar issue

by Benjijohn - 2018-11-08 15:07:42

After my first crtd I had the same issues. My doctors told me that it was normal as my body was getting used to the crtd and some additional medicine. In addition, they told me that my body was used to higher blood pressure, and it would take some time for my body adapt to lower blood pressure

in any case, first they lowered the dosage of ny medicines, and gradually increased them, and after a month or 2 evertything was ok. Low blood pressure is also not easy to deal with(especially for people who got usedd to high), but just give it sometime, and I think evertything will be ok. Bu as always, contact your doctor for best advice

Lower blood pressure

by Stanley18 - 2018-11-09 13:24:52

Hello Hope

You describe feelings of bp dropping, what are those symptoms? I had a PM fitted two months ago and suffer occasional attacks of nausea, "funny feelings" that are reminiscent of when I used to black out and which are quite unsettling. I suspect vasovagal syncope (my PM intervening to prevent a faint). I've been trying to stay well hydrated. I have an appointment with my cardiologist later this month.

Lower blood pressure after ICD implant

by hope7777 - 2018-11-09 20:33:22

Thank you for the replies.  Stanley18, I sometimes feel lightheaded, a little nausea and break out in a sweat.  I have taken my BP the last couple of times this has happened and it was low 90s over 50s.  I have reduced my Cozaar again and am hoping too much medicine was the problem.  

Agree I also have HCM and low blood pressure

by CB805 - 2018-11-10 23:32:15

I also have genetic Cardiomyopathy. My blood pressure is low after I had alcohol septal ablation for the gradient so my heart is functioning better that was last month . I highly recommend that procedure if you have a enlarged gradient. MybEP did the procedure through my wrist and I never felt so good afterwards. Also I was on Lasix which can lower BP too. I had never passed out before and they weren’t sure why but after passing out I got a ICD/PM. That was 2 weeks ago. I still get dizzy sometimes. I think it’s due to low BP I have a follow up appointment this week. 

My Experience

by Rick1945 - 2018-11-11 06:13:38

After decades with high BP and meds for it - I had an "episode" [nearly fainted] with very low BP on September 29 which landed me in hospital for 2 days..... 

Further investigations led to a stent on Oct 11 and a PM on Oct 17.  

But the "lower than is usual for me" BP persists and on one eight of the medication strength I had befor the "episode".

It's like a reset button was pressed and I now have the BP of a 17 yo [whereas I am 73].... My BP now is generally around 116/64 to 120/70.  Nothing to complain about but weird given my BP history.


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