I am new here and would like to share experience and inspire (and be inspired) other people with ICD

Hi Everyone

I am 49yold and I am passionate about running. I started only 5 years ago, but it became part of my daily life. I was able to run Berlin Marathon in 2h58 and NY Marathon in 3h'03 min in November last year. Unfortunately I had a severe Vemtricular Tacquicardia in January this year (my heart went up to 280bpm..after an interval triaining run), followed by an ablation in April which ended up with a Tampane (hemorragy) and consequent 8 tacquicardias in a space of 4 hours. The doctors were not able to identify the cause of these tacquicardias, as I had no risk factors, so they said it was a "Virus", but don't know which one :(.  My doctor said that 99% of people would not have survived and that I was saved due to my fitness and healthy life style and mostly due to "being lucky" (which I fully agree :)). Finally they have implated an ICD.

After I left the hospital I went through cardio physiotherapy during six weeks as I was (and I am) determined to live a normal life and continue to live my passion (running). The doctors told me to be careful, and I am trying to balance my impulsivity and my wisdom to get back to run. So, I did start running immediately after the physiotherapy, but of course in moderation. Now I am running based on heart rate and I have established my own tresholds. I am improving every day at the same time as I lose the fear of having more tacquicardias. I believe we all go through this process of improving both physically and emotionally.

I have done last month two 10k races :)...which makes me proud. Of course I did it significantly slower than my previous pace:  I used to run 10Km in 38min and now I run the same 10km in 51min. However, I feel that I am improving and I am already able to run 20km keeping my heart rate average of 140bpm. I am looking forward to my next race this weekend (20km) and to a half marathon by the end of October!

I wanted to write my story because I want other people (and especially the ones who like sports) to know and to believe that it is possible to go back to our lives. I am confident that I will improve more and more as far as I keep training smart based on my heart rate.

When I left the hospital my doctor was not confident that I would be able to run a marathon ever again...but I know I will do it (trust me) and who knows if I can even go further.

I also went through a lot of fear, pain and sadness during the first weeks after I left the hospital, but I am a positive person and I have wonderful friends and family in my life that helped me to go through.

I really want to share my hopes and positive energy with everyone here and in particular the ones that feel demotivated, disappointed, sad, etc. I really understand you because you have reasons to feel that way, but I also want to assure you that things will change if you believe in it!

Happy to help if anyone needs!

Wish you a beautiful day!



by icdwes - 2018-12-11 19:13:24

Hi, i'm jealous of your marathon times, my best was 3 hours twenty four . I also did New York twice however my attempt at getting back into running didn't go well, a slow 2 miles ended in a shock. I can't risk it again having had four shocks this month not running. If it didn't kill me the wife would.

Truly inspirational

by mandm - 2019-04-24 11:25:53

Truly inspirational, being a fellow marathon runner, really appreciate what you are going through. I hope to follow your footsteps and hopefully to join you that the marathon start line once I have gone through the implantation soon.

Take good care and keep us inspired.

make and model of your ICD

by mandm - 2019-04-24 11:28:36

BTW it would be helpful if you could share the make and model of your ICD.



by PSimoes - 2019-04-26 04:29:00

I am sorry I have only read your message today (the notifications went to my junk box). I hope your health is improving since December and that you can slowly start doing a bit more exercise...at least to do some longer walks!



by PSimoes - 2019-04-26 04:35:39

Thank you so much for your kind words and I hope you are as lucky as I am to be able to run again. I confess this winter was a bit more challenging for me to run, but I will start slowly going back to more regular runs during spring. I decided to stop thinking about improving my times and just "enjoy the ride" and run for pleasure and to keep healthy. I will continue to participate in half marathons but at this stage I have decided to not go for Marathons, as I know I will be competitive and push myself again :). I have not had any "shocks"since I left the hospital, and I have not intention to experience that :)

My ICD model is Boston Scientific (D432 resonate boston)

Good luck with your implante, keep us informed about your implante and don't hesitate to reach me if you need any other information or support.



by mandm - 2019-05-14 08:11:47

Thanks for your update, sure i will get back to you once i have any further update/question.

Yes i am looking forward to returning to running, i am finding extremely frustrating living in a limbo, hope the meds make their mind up soon.


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