Exercise Bikes with Magnet

Does anyone know whether it is possible to use an exercise bike with a magnetic wheel with a pacemaker?

Many thanks


Only what ive read

by queen_beez - 2007-03-22 01:03:10

I was told to stay away from anything the has magnets,especially those with large magnets. It was on here that even the magnets on a frig (lots of them thoughz) can possibly cause a problem. I think it would be best if you purchased a different one just to be safe. Of course this is only an opinion. I just would not want to see you working out and then getting dizzy or light headed and falling or something. Of course you could also just try it a couple of times with someone nearby.If it causes problems simple move away from it and find a new one. Good luck. Also great job with getting back to exercise.Thats one of the bests things for you. I hope all is well and you find the answers you need to get along in your recovery. Susan

No problemo

by slowhands - 2007-03-22 05:03:19

Modern pms don't have a problem with magnets of any kind that are more than an inch away.

Funny you should ask!

by BettyB - 2007-03-22 06:03:12

Coincidentally, we just bought a new treadmill (wore out the old one completely!) -- didn't realize until we got it assembled that the starter is a magnet. I called the manufacturer and was assured that it isn't much stronger than the typical refrigerator magnet. It is at least twelve inches away from my PM, so I decided to risk it and give it a try. Didn't seem to cause me any problems, so I guess I'll continue to use it. Wish me luck! May all good things come your way. Betty

Pete Rigby

by PeteRigby - 2007-04-18 06:04:18

I have a resynchronising 3 lead pacemaker fitted. I use my road bike on a magnetic resistance unit, [ if you have not seen this set up, in use it becomes exactly as a stationary exercise bike, except that you are sat on your own, properly set up road bike, rather than a ghastly fat saddled monster].

I have used this several times a week for the three years since I had my CRT device fitted. No problems at all.

Best wishes,


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