Disneyworld with a Pacemaker

My now 15 year old son had a Medtronic EnPulse E2 DR Series Pacemaker implanted in December, 2005, to compensate for a Second Degree Heart Block. He is about to go to DIsneyworld with the local high school Band/Orchestra/Choir trip. I have my concerns even though his health and checkups have been great since that time. Does anyone have any suggestions/information either pro or con for activities he will encounter in the various Disney parks?
This is my first posting on what appears to be an incredible website....thank you in advance for your support.



by corcione - 2007-03-26 05:03:33

I am 47 and have been going to Disney for the last 20 years and now I coach a dance team and bring them for the last 6 years to compete and I go on every ride withiut a problem- - I asked my cardiologist about it years ago and he said have fun!1


by PattiAnn237 - 2007-03-29 08:03:14

I have been to disney many times with my PM (it was implanted when I was 11, Im 26 now) What I could do depended upon the condition of my heart at the time. Each time I went I asked the cardiologist and she would give me my limitations. There are actually several rides which state that people with a pacemaker should not go on them. When I was younger I did not, but I have been on them when I was older. I would talk to the cardiologist, they might have some good advice! Good luck! -patti

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