Battery issue of a Pacemaker, KDR901

Dear Sir/Madam:
A friend of mine in China is currently using a Implantable Pacemaker-Kappa, model KDR901 from Medtronic. It was bought via an agent one year ago. However, the battery in it seems not working well and shows low voltage number (2.6 v). The local Medtronic office in Shanghai did not provide a good service in explaining it in details. They suggested to buy a new one. It costs US$10,000 in China for a new one. Obviously this cost is way too high for a low income family. My friend will have to have a heat surgury next Wednesday. He does'nt know what happens to his pacemaker and if he need a new one. I will appreciate it if very much if anybody can help me with the questions below:
1. what is the initial output voltage of the battery?
2. what is the lifetime of such a battery normally?
3. what is a low output limit of the battery to function?
4. if the battery voltage is too low to work, can we find a
replacement or we have to get a new Pacemaker?




by auntiesamm - 2007-03-22 11:03:25

Hello Franklin, How kind of you to inquire for your friend. Since you have access to the internet I suggest you look up Medtronics email adress, mailing adress and phone numbers and contact them directly. They should be able to answer all of these questions on your friends' behalf. You might also ask them about the availability of Medtronic Pacemakers in China. Good luck. Sharon

Battery Issue

by SMITTY - 2007-03-23 12:03:17

Hello Franklin, I’m not qualified to answer all of your questions but I will pass on what I have learned from 7 years experience with my Medtronic KDR 703 pacemaker. I cannot find the voltage on a new pacemaker battery, but for some reason I think it is 7.5 volts. My most recent pacemaker checkup showed the voltage on the battery to be 2.76 volts and the estimated remaining battery life, based on my history of pacemaker usage, is 4+ years. The expected life span of a new battery is 7 to 10 years. I do not know what the low point for battery voltage is for the pacemaker to continue working. One reason we must have periodic pacemaker checkups is to determine the operating condition of the pacemaker and remaining battery life. The battery in an implanted pacemaker cannot be replaced. A new pacemaker is required. The cost of pacemakers is too high for low and medium income families throughout the world. In the U.S.A. the cost a pacemaker is about $50,000.00. You might try for more answers to questions your friend’s pacemaker. I wish you and your friend good luck, Smitty

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