trusting pacemakers performance

Hi, just had implant of a"Sorin NEWAY VDR" pacemaker 2 months ago, I am wondering how long it takes to get used to idea of dependancy on it & trusting its performance?. Have any of you got the same type of pm?. I couldnt find much info. on it in google search.


You'll get there

by hooimom - 2007-03-22 05:03:50

I know it feels like you will never get used to your PM. I promise you that you will. I have had mine 8 months now and I have days when I don't even think about it. The site will heal and it won't bother you as often, you find that you can do more and more things you couldn't before you PM and you just start to adjust. Your interrogations will show any problems that your PM might have. Mine has been problem free so far. I think most people don't have serious problems. Mine shoulder gets a little sore from time to time because my PM rubs the muscle a little, but other than that it has been fine. I have a Medtronic Enrhythm. I have never heard of your model before. How active have you been since your PM implant? It is proving everyday that it is working and trustworthy. Just try to enjoy life healthier and stronger. Michelle

Your Pacemaker

by ela-girl - 2007-04-03 01:04:47

Your pacer is made by the Sorin Group--the same pacemaker company that makes my pacemaker (Ela Symphony DR 2550). You may want to head to their website and do a search with your pacer name and see what you can find out! You should have received a booklet on your pacer when you left the hospital and an id card should have been mailed.

As far as dependency or trusting my pacer's performance...I look at it this way. If it malfunctions, I'm not much worse off than I was before! :D I will be able to tell if it goes on the fritz since it has improved my quality of life so much already.

Happy pacing,

Your Responding & Encouragement

by adbwah - 2007-04-11 02:04:27

Thanks Michelle &ella-girl, for your reassurance & encouragement it meant a great deal to me .Dr inceased lower limit after I posted message from 50to 55p/min which made a huge difference in my activity.I am comming over to the states to visit my daughter & gandson for a month.At first I was hesitating about tavelling alone on long trip, but now I feel okay about it except worrying about the electronic gates and wands .
Best wishes for steady pacing.

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