Electric Shock

I was recently replacing some common houshold outlets with new ones when I accidentallty got a pretty good shock. It arced my pliers pretty good a caused a lot of sparking and smoke. I recollected my nerves and went on to replace several others. Well I managed to shock myself again, but the usual vibrating type of sensation that you immediately pull back from. It may just be coincidence, but later that evening I began feeling sick to the point where my body ached all over. I would say flu like symptoms, except I did not have a fever. I'm still feeling weak and tired, so maybe I just caught some kind of a bug. Curious to know if anyone has had a similar electric shock and experienced any ill-effects. My not feeling well may very well have nothing to do with the shock. I hope that's the case anyway!




by Tracey_E - 2018-06-08 10:30:17

It's probably fine but call your ep to be sure. And next time flip the breaker before you work on outlets. 

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