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Hello to all! I recently had a pacer implant 2/26/2007 and am happy to say that I am on the mend w/o any complications thus far. I had experienced "episodes" that would often involve seizure like activity. One recent episode was witnessed by my son which
scared the living daylights out of him. I had recently changed PCP and mentioned this to him upon a follow up for a back injury. He quickly made referrals to an EP and a neurophysiologist after the results of a Holter. One test led to another and to another and to another which ultimately ended up with pacer placement. A far cry from the previous Drs. who dismissed my concerns, or went so far as to suggest that things weren't serious (panic attacks), or that the problem may be self-induced, as it was in my head.I read this forum with great interest and plan to continue to do so. Best to all!



by auntiesamm - 2007-03-20 10:03:09

Hello LeeAnn and Welcome! You have fortunately found the website of this very exclusive, wonderful group of folks; all of us are wired in one way or another. It is so refreshing to hear of your easy recovery; so many have really difficult times and those seem to be the ones we hear of. I also had a very easy, quick recovey when I got my pacer last year - I was so blessed to not have the problems that can occur and seem to be prevalent. In fact, I felt very guilty that I was doing so well. I hope you will gain from the members of this club all the terrific support and friendship that I have. It's amazing that though I have never seen one of these folks in person they are some of my best friends! Rather like having a large group of Pen Pals who all have the same health problems in common. Stay tuned and enjoy the love and support that flows through this website every single day. Continued good luck with your recovery and God bless you. Sharon

Thank you

by LeeAnn - 2007-03-20 11:03:30

Thank you Sharon for such a warm welcome. I plan to stay tuned and hopefully be able to extend to others support and love. Although we all have some type of cardiac impairment we are very unique individuals,and our recovery can vary drastically. We all share the same "commonality"' in being "wired".It is heartening to know that I, or rather we, are not nor are we facing this experience alone.. Thanks again for your warm words and God Bless LA

Same here

by queen_beez - 2007-03-21 12:03:58

I too was told that my problems were in my head. i didn't get the attention I needed until my husband came in with me in to the room at the cardiologists office. He demanded I be taken seriously and calmy explained that I would never "imagine" an illness. Tests were taken and I was diagnosed with bradycardia. I decided to wait and see how I could do with my heaartrate being so low. Unfortunately, I ended up getting emergency surgery while on vacation over Christmas holiday.My heart rate was down to 18 at one point but was steady at 27.Still quite low.I felt a little upset that I had to face this out of state but I was happy to have my energy back and I am on my way to a full recovery.You must be your own voice. No one knows your body as good as you. And remember that is why they call it" practicing medicine". Take care and welcome to our little family of strangers. Truly, Your "strange" friend, Susan

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