AliveCor and Kardia band with Apple watch

The Kardiaband clearly states Do Not use if you have a pacemaker or an ICD. I HAVE THE AliveCor mobile device and I have had it for years, never a problem with it or my cell phone. Many of these warnings are just the manufacturer covering their butts from law suits. 

My instinct says there won’t be a problem but the Apple Watch is a$300 plus investment and the KardiaBand another$199. Does anyone have any issues using these devices?

i ignore all the warnings on my ICD, I use power tools, I place my cellphone over my ICD in a pocket. The magnet in the cellphone is very small and weak it does NOT interfere with my ICD. same with electric motors, etc.


my AliveCor mobile detected atrial fibrillation and I immediately called my cardiologist. So it’s well worth it to have this technology I just want to make sure nobody has had a problem with the KardiaBand on the Apple Watch?


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