swelling in left arm

Hi y'all,
Has anyone ever had swelling and numbness down the left arm? This feels a lot like when I had the superior vena cava blockage, but this is only my left arm. Also, my pacemaker pocket has been opened 3 times in the last 5 years, and now where there used to be a bulge and I could feel the outline of the pacer, there is now a large indentation where the pacemaker used to be and the pacemaker can be felt way over to the side. Can it move? Thanks for any thoughts. Bambi



by $6Mman - 2007-04-02 09:04:08

Hey Bambi~
Never had the swelling but the implant has slipped on me and now rests next to my arm pit. It impedes my Range of Motion and ability to lift heavier things. Sometimes it feels like the thing wants out of my chest too! Can it move? - they say it is rare, but I know first hand that it can. If it in itself is not bothersome all the better. HOWEVER,I would check on that swelling and see what the cardiologist says about where the unit has moved to as you wouldn't want it sitting on a nerve or artery. This is not to alarm you, but to encourage you to be smart about it. Wish you the best - ~Adam


by amy29 - 2007-04-03 10:04:48

I kinda understand. I have had my PM for almost 8 months now and have had it opened up 3 time because my top lead keeps coming out. But I have times were my arm is all numb..I do at times have swelling but not that much. The docotor sums it up to alot of scar tissue and the PM pushing on nerves. The last operation I had my PM had slipped out of the pocket and the Doc. put my PM in like a mesh sock (thats what it looked like any way lol) so it can't slip even if it wanted to. I always say it good to talk to your Doctor about question you might have.


by R3DN3CK - 2007-05-16 12:05:41

Thats kinda creepy seeing thats where there going to put my pacemaker soon >_>

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