pain and achiness behind PM

My PM is implanted in the upper portion of my left breast. Lately I've been having some pain behind the PM, or underneath - basically between the PM and the ribcage.
Implantation was 4 months ago.
I've also had itchiness and burning/tingling at the site, mainly the scar and above (where I can feel the wires).
Anything I should worry about? Or just more "new normal" stuff?



by CathrynB - 2007-07-05 04:07:29

Hi M_Fox:

I just responded to another posting above from Noddy about a similar problem, so won't repeat anything here, but check it out and maybe it will give you something to consider. Don't settle for pain and problems -- if you're perisistent, you'll probably find a solution eventually. I'd be very interested to hear what you learn, and any solutions. Take care, Cathryn

Pain and achiness

by IanMcC - 2007-07-05 05:07:02

Hi M, I dont get the pain behind the pm now but I did for the first few months, I think it came from laying on it when sleeping, sort of crushing it sideways if you know what I mean. I still itch every now and then at the scar site. This probably varies depending on the shirt Im wearing. Im about 10 months now. I can feel the wires and sort of knobbly bits, Iv got used to it a bit now and don't prod about like i did. Bit hard not to when you have a foreign object in your body, har har. I have a St Jude Pacer 5366 for sss , bradicardia and atrial fib.I dont take any meds at all. Im still fit and healthy ride my bike every day when home on leave from working at sea, I dont drink or smoke.and im 51. So alls well this end lol.
hope this helps a bit, take care and all the best.

hypertrophic scar

by CathrynB - 2007-07-09 12:07:26

Hi M_Fox ( is it Michelle???)
Thanks for your posting on Noddy's response about hypertrophic scar. That's a new one to me. I'd be interested to hear what you decide about your problem. If you don't want do a posting regarding how it's resolved, please send me a private message as I'm curious to know more about it. I hope you get it resolved in any case. Pain is not necessary, and I'm all for each us being our own best advocate and getting solutions to any problems we have. Take care and keep in touch, Cathryn

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