How high will the pacemaker go?

I was just wonder if anyone know how high a pacemaker can be set for? My doctor seemed to thing about 140 but he really didn't seem all too confident with that answer. I have an exercised indused heart block so when I am exercising my heart rate will be at 150 or even higher and then my beats will drop all the way down to 60 and stay there for a few minutes before trying to catch back up. It is even happening at around 100 bpm now. I have had my PM for 5 weeks and I 've just started back working out and didn't know how hard to push it. Anyone with a similar condition?


this is mine

by blessed - 2007-04-26 04:04:25

Hi~ mine is set for 150 beats for the upper limit. I have a dual medtronic PM~ I wouldn't even venture to say what upper limits could be set in other brands. Good luck!!


by ridera - 2007-04-26 08:04:40

I'd recommend getting a new EP and/or getting your PM mfgrs technician involved ASAP.

You didn't say what brand or model PM you have. But, generally, PMs limit the lower limit. It would seem odd that yours will let your HR drop down to 60 for a period.

Again, we don't know what PM you have; but, I'd guess virtually all modern units can be set for 200bpm or more. Max HRs of 200bpm are normal for young people.

I'm 71 and we have it set for 160bpm, which is normal for someone my age is good athletic condition.

Also, I'd recommend contacting your PMs mfgr consumer support people and discussing your situation with them.


by boatman50 - 2007-04-26 11:04:07

I have a medtronic unit (less than 1 yr now) and the max upper limit is 150 bpm. Found that out at the nuke stress test the other day. I was still able to get my rate up to 160 on my own. Your pm will let the heart drop to whatever the lower limit is set to. Mine is 55 bpm, so yours dropping to 60 does not sound odd to me.

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