Followup To First PM Interrogation

Took everyone's advice and contacted my cardiologist yesterday about the chest pain being caused by the rate response being turned on last week during my first PM interrogation.

After some discussion, my cardiologist agreed to my request to turn off the rate response, due to chest pain. He did say that my heart's internal pacemaker will raise my heartrate without the PM, so there was no critical need to have the rate response turned on.

It was the opinion of my cardiologist that the Guidant Rep turned on the rate response accelerometer to see if I had more energy with the PM pacing increases in my heartrate. Unfortunately the opposite happened. Because of chest pain when the rate response kicked in, I limited any activity that would raise my heart rate...

Bottom line is the rate response on my Guidant 1298 is now turned off and I feel much better...Just hope this is the last of the problems I will have getting used to the PM.....

Many thanks to all for your timely advice,
Blnmakerr (yes, I manufacture latex balloons)


rate response

by CathrynB - 2007-05-01 03:05:28

Blnmakerr: Congratulations on successfully advocating for your needs and getting the problem solved! Please let us know if this does the trick long-term, okay?? Here's wishing you comfortable pacing from here on, Cathryn

Chest Pain?

by dward - 2007-06-14 05:06:43

Blnmakerr - Can you describe the chest pain you had?
I am to go for an interrogation (love that word!) in two weeks and one of the things I will report is the Sharp quick chest pain I gat every now and then. Got a big one while playing in my band (it was near the end of the night and I had been playing for about 3.5 hours) I also immediately got the sweats!

Went to hospital and all checked out, but am wondering if it may be a Rate response issue.

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