Amateur Radio

   I am near many Amateur Radios with frequency from 1.2 ghz down to 1.9 Mhz. Is there something I should be aware of?


Amateur Radio

by Bionic Dan - 2018-05-17 09:10:20

I have been an amateur radio operator almost 40 years and am still fairly active on both HF and VHF. I had an ICD implanted in January 2018. I spoke with my doctor and a rep for my device about my concerns returning to my hobby. I really didn't get any solid answers from either of them on risks associated with operating amateur radio. Since my implant I've routinely operated HF at near legal limit power level, also routinely run 100 watts on VHF (2 meters). I've never experienced any issues with my ICD that I was aware of while operating, I've always tried to keep my ham station free from stray RF, resonant antennas, good feedline, etc.. My device is a St. Jude dual chamber ICD. Good Luck 73's WD9IVE

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