this is my 4th pacer or so but my only my second in my shoulder and my last one would periodically hit the nerve and two bumps or stomach jumps and it was done... so on well this new one is turned down pretty much as far as it can go and sometimes i can't sit or i can't lay certain ways because it is constantly jumping.... does this or has this happened to anyone else and what did the doctors do? Thanks



by lady4law - 2007-05-11 10:05:47

I've had my Pacemaker for less than a year and also having similar issues. I find when I lay or sleep on my back or left side (side PM is located) or the PM starts going crazy. My heart starts beating extremely fast and I feel it in my throat. I was planning on a 3-4 month stay in Italy and now not so sure. ( I am gettting very tired of sleeping on my right side all the time.)
I also feel sharp pain in the center of my chest with certain movements whihc has prevented my returning to exercise since the implant.

Sharp pain - certain movements

by dward - 2007-06-14 03:06:33

It sounds like you are having the same thing I am experiencing!
I got my PM a month ago and was "feeling" it in my throat when the PM would kick in.
I play in a band and was just finishing a "gig" when I got a sharp, quick (about the length of a heart beat) squeezing pain in the center of my chest, which was followed by sweating all over.
Went to the hospital and was hooked up to ECG and blood tests. had to spend the night in EMERG. All tests turned out negative, which is good, but still - this (chest pain) is not something I want to experience often.

I have had my PM adjusted, but I still feel it kicking in when I lay on my stomach, and often when I lean forward.

They have booked me for a Stress Test comng up... will keep you posted.

Stomach pacing

by peter - 2007-08-22 08:08:31

I have a medtronics biphase synchronising pacemaker and when this was fitted in february 2007 I had awful stomach pacing. The specialist immediately took out the left ventricle lead and binned it. Another longer lead was fitted but some very carefull adjustments were made to stop stomach pacing. Unfortunately I still got these if I lay on my stomach and a few times during the day. Say 6 or seven violent bumps or more. Thankfully after 3 months this condition faded away and I no longer get them . But I dont know why. Plese note I have only two leads fitted one to right ventricle and one to left due to permanent AF.

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