I AM desperate

PLEASE PLEASE someone help me!!! Smitty where are you, Sharon I need you and VAlerie please say anything that is going to make me smile. I have a story ,it will take a moment but here goes. I was given the wrong meds at the pharmacy, I was very ill through out the night and ended up at the ER the following day at noon and was there for 14 hrs. I am ok now and there was no long term effects from the medication I was given. Here comes the problem.WHile in the er after many tests they found that I am with child! I am 43yrs old. I was trying to have a child ,I have 2 ,22 and 21, but we wanted one more but I was diagnosed with a brain tumor 5 yrs ago. I am gonig good the tumor is small and under control.So we decided that we should not continue to pursue having another baby. I continued to have other problems but aa` of now my biggest problem is the cuomadin I am on for the blood clots I had in my lungs. I have been told I will be on the blood thinner for life. I was told at the er to stop the coumadin because it causes birth defects. I then saw my ob-gyn doc. I was begged to go back on my meds. I just can't do it. I need info but don't have the energy to look for it. I need to know what ,if any are the consequences of coming off the coumidan cold turkey. Is that a problem? I know the risks of getting clots again but I was told there are alternatives, does anyone know of any? My pcp doc says to get another opinion with respect to the ob/gyn doc. He thinks `we can all work together somehow ,I have been his patient for 7 yrs and he knows how much I want a baby. Am I being unreal should I just give in to the fact that I will not hold this baby to term ? And can someone help me cut through all the pros and cons of this. I know that there is an issue w/ my pm too. My inr was 1.5 before I stopped taking my coumadin so I imagine it is lower now, which means my blood is "thicker". Does that affect my pm ? SO many questions I know but I have been crying non stop since friday .James I need you ,I do not understand such a God that would give me a hope of a child only to cruely take it away. I am a woman of faith but I must admit throughout all of these past 6 yrs. this has been my lowest point of despair. Thank you truly for all your time and any help you all can give me . I am desperate.



by SMITTY - 2007-05-16 01:05:11

Hi Susan, I wish I could help, but this is so far over my head I am even reluctant to post what I found on this subject. Since it may give you a little more insight in your discussons with your doctor I will post it. However, as you know, you must rely on your doctor for help on this matter.

I wish you the best on your search for answers.



I need to know if the use of Coumadin before and during pregnancy can cause the fetus/infant to have poor/weak bone structure. And also any other side effects.


Coumadin (which is the brand name for the blood thinner warfarin) is not safe to take in pregnancy because it can cause fetal warfarin syndrome. Fetal warfarin syndrome is a combination of birth defects that includes abnormal x-rays of the bones, deformities of the nose, vision problems and developmental delay. This syndrome develops in 15-25 percent of fetuses that are exposed to warfarin in the first trimester.

The good news is there are safe medications, including heparin, which can be substituted for warfarin by women who need to take an anti-coagulant during their pregnancy.

Since the greatest risk of taking warfarin is between the six and nine weeks gestation period, some doctors recommend switching to a safer medication in preparation for becoming pregnant rather than waiting for the positive pregnancy test. Talk to your doctor about which option is right for you.

by Marjorie Greenfield, M.D.

My Heart Hurts for You

by auntiesamm - 2007-05-16 02:05:25

Hi Susan - I cannot tell you how my heart aches for your, your husband and your situation. All of us who are moms know how deep the feelings go when we learn we are pregnant. James' response is eloquent and I hope you will take it to heart. Believe me when I say I will go to my knees in prayer for you and this little babe. I agree 100% with Cathryn - you need to see a high-risk Obstetrician immediately. The cardiologist and OB must be on the same page if you are to have a successful pregnancy. Where do you live? Are there any major medical centers with high-risk centers and neo-natal intensive care units. You need to press all your doctors to help you find the best of the best even if you have to drive a distance. How many weeks along are you? Did they do an ultra-sound while you were in the ER or doctor's office?

The information our expert Smitty researched is great and I would encourage to get this info to your cardio althought I am certain he knows this. It is encouraging to know you possibly can switch to heparin which I would think would give you the same result.

At a time like this our faith can get pretty shaky but hold on to it and trust the Lord to get you through this. Only He knows what the outcome will be. You know that all the prayer warriors on this website will be talking to Him fervently on your behalf.

This is a very, very personal matter for you and your husband; I appreciate your sharing it with all of us and hope you will keep us updated. Go about your day knowing that your friends in this club are quite likely praying for you at any given moment in time. I have experienced the power of prayer warriors who pray in faith, believing their prayers will be answered. A loving and faithful God is always with us, waiting for us to be obedient in praying.

Sorry for rambling on and on but I want you to know how much I have taken to heart your situation and am searching for all the right words. There really aren't any "right" words. God bless you and your husband, and give you both clear minds and peace as you work through this painful situation.


"Desperate Housewives"

by valerie - 2007-05-16 02:05:44

Get it? like the show? jk.
Susan, I am so sorry you are going through all of this. Please know that you will be in my prayers and I'm sure many people on here will do the same.
Please read your private messages :)
take care!


by jessie - 2007-05-16 03:05:30

she is at it again. this funny funny young woman from anaheim. she sees the humour in all things. a gift a true gift.i am sure her comment brought a smile to you. it did myself. please also know you will be in my thoughts and prayers. i also have sent you a private message. jessie

Wishing you well

by M_Fox - 2007-05-16 05:05:47

Hi Susan,
I'm not familiar with cuomodin, but hope there is an alternative available. I wonder if regular iv saline solution would help to thin out your blood? Maybe a home care nurse could come by a couple days a week to administer it?
If that won't work (I'm not in the medical profession), perhaps your doctors can come up with another idea.

hoping for a happy outcome

by CathrynB - 2007-05-16 10:05:46

Hi Susan,
I'm so sorry to hear you're faced with such difficult circumstances, and I'm certain you'll be in the thoughts and prayers of many people on this site during the coming weeks and months. I can't offer any help on the coumadin question, and you probably already know anything else I'd suggest, but will say anyway. There are doctors who specialize in high-risk pregnancies, and your situation certainly seems to call for one if you're able to carry this baby. I'm sure a high-risk specialist could also talk with you about the risks of carrying the baby (for both you and baby) as well as the possibility of delivering the baby early, through inducement or C-section, as soon as the baby is far enough along to be viable and have a reasonable expectation of a healthy life. There was a recent posting on folks who take aspirin to reduce the possibility of clots. Is that contra-indicated for pregnancy? I know this is going to be a highly personal story, but share what you can with us about how you're doing as we care so much, Susan. I hope you have a strong network of supporters in the form of family and friends who can hug you too. Please take care, Cathryn


by randrews - 2007-05-16 11:05:26

Hi Susan,
Like the rest my prayers are for you. I trust God but I don't understand much. But I do know that he loves you deeply and that will not change regardless of how things turn out.
God bless you sister,

You're on one knee!

by Christmmpace - 2007-05-16 11:05:59


I want to share with you an opened and deeply moved heart of mine. I'm writing to you with passion and understanding of your great hurt and confusion.
It is to those who make people laugh to continue to bring sun shine and warmth into our lives. You're well needed here, and greatly appreciated! Thank you!
Today, I read your posting and was truly moved. I was wondering, why, oh Lord is this woman going through this. I got off the computer and went to the Lord. I ask the Lord to give me some insight of what Susan is going through. In prayer I asked the Lord to use me and give you something that will stand with you and your child. This child's heart is given it's first heart beat. You must have the strength and faith that will move mountains. You can and will have this child if you believe it to be as you are; a mother!
I want you to know that your question was not to me;
"James <---( Jesus, ) I need you ,I do not understand such a God that would give me a hope of a child only to cruely take it away. I am a woman of faith but I must admit throughout all of these past 6 yrs. this has been my lowest point of despair."
Will you not have faith in the Lord, Susan? Is it not the same Lord who protect His son Jesus from being killed my King Herod. Is it not the same Lord who allowed the wife of Abraham to conceive even at her old age. Is it not the same Lord who healed the those who were sick. Is it not the same Lord who commanded the winds and the waves to be still. You're in a storm and you have to walk out on faith. Take the hand of the Lord, He is reaching out to you at this time of despair. Will you trust in Him, today? He has given you a child to hold and protect. You're now a mother by your own hearts. You and your husband must give this child to the Lord and allow Him to show you His great and mighty POWERS. I will pray for your family!
I most ask you and your husband one thing, will you get on both of your knees and ask God to guild you through all of this. He will send you great Angels to see you through all of your concerns and hopes.
Rent the movie Nativity and watch how the birth of Christ was not an easy thing as well, but today we have a Savior! Glory to God because He was born. Amen!

Prayers for You


by jessie - 2007-05-17 10:05:44

i believe that if we can hand it all over to him we would worry less and know he will take care of us. easier said than done. that is not to say we don't ask questions of our doctors.we can then make an informed decision for ourselves. again i know it sounds easy and i did not have problems to face healthwise in my pregnancies. i will be praying for you and your family jessie

in the nick of time

by tachybrady - 2007-05-17 12:05:57

I believe that the greatest gift that we can give to God, is the learning that we experience through life. All things are perfect in Heaven, so those of us who are brave enough to learn from the horrors, are God's warriors. Not to inflict pain apon others, but to give love, as Jesus taught. It sounds as if you caught everything just in time! What a miracle that was. And there are alternatives, as Smitty so kindly researched and accurately presented for us all. I am seeing many positive things surrounding your discovery. No one is saying that it will be easy, although it may. Finding an appropriate specialist will help you to understand all that is involved, and knowledge is power when you are being an advocate for your life, and your babies. I pray for strenght for you, and your family, and for all to be by your side, as they have been.

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