Hello Everyone, I was recently diagnosed with third degree heart block. I am 50 years old and never had any symptoms and felt great! The only way I found out about my condition was by working out at the gym. I always wondered why my heart rate would never get up there when I was on the treadmill. So I decided to go get it checked out. Seems I have a bad AV node.I was implanted with a medtronic dual lead PM of Feb. of this year. Just in time for Valentines Day.The first surgery was not so good. Afterwards it felt like my chest was thumping so hard I thought I would go crazy. As it turned out one of the leads was too close to my stomach muscle so they had to do a lead revision two weeks later. My doctor told me that my heart is not positioned where most peoples hearts are . So now I can literally say my heart is in the wrong place.After several adjustments by the medtronic tech I feel normal now but I felt normal before. My doctor told me my energy level would improve but I don't feel any different.Just a little angry that I had to be cut open twice.I hope I did the right thing and God was looking out for me. Any feed back? Sara G



by saragunther - 2007-04-16 02:04:19

Hello Boatman, Thanks so much for your up-lifting reply. It really helped me to read your story. I guess we are all in the same boat, just crossing different waters.Good luck to you also. Sara

One surgery

by cbulifant - 2007-04-16 03:04:40

Hi Sara,
I too have complete heart block and am free of any symptoms, I am 36 years old and have had a pacer for a little over four months. Again I spend alot of time in the gym, working out mainly now but have done tons of cardio in the past without a problem, my max heart rate was always around 135bpm. I feel fortunate in a way that I have the pacer to keep my heart from stopping again. and very fortunate to be able to live a normal life. There are a few people on the site asymptomatic and its great to hear the stories of all pacers. Chris B.

Me too!

by boatman50 - 2007-04-16 10:04:50

Hi Sara, I know what you mean. I never had a symptom until I passed out at home and then in the hospital. My heart stopped for 25 seconds and I got the pm that night. Two days later I was back in with alot of pain. Turns out the lead pierced my heart and I had another operation right away. I am still having problems with almost passing out and I go see an EP in a couple of weeks. I work out almost every day but still feel like I am dragging most of the time, can't get the energy level up. I am on 50mg toprol and am told that is the culprit. I guess dealing with this is not as bad as some have it and its better than not being here! Its been 10 months now and I am not giving up on getting back to my old self, good luck to you.

Me 2

by lady4law - 2007-05-11 11:05:30

I've been having a similar issue, see "Bump" and "Medtonic" questions. However mine was implanted because my heart stopped on 5 ocassions...Rx reactions. (once toprol).
I am so glad I accidently found this site today while searching the IPOD - PM issue. (My BD is the 14th and I had been dropping hints to my husband for the new IPOD) - Jean

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