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I'm happy to see our club is growing in compassion and concerns for others. I thank you all for your postings and your words of comfort when I need them.

I have a request to ask of you whom may have gone through a triple bypass surgery. My aunt is line up to have the surgery sometime in January. She's a bit concern and her anxiety is through the roof. My cousin whom I love like a brother is also having a hard time with the whole surgery thing. I'm asking anyone who have good or great reports to please share your experience with me and my aunty. I'm looking forward to your responce. I thank you from the bottom of my wires in my heart. May your testimonies be a blessing to me and my aunty. I love you all and God bless you. Again! Thank you very much.

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Prayers coming your way!

by ela-girl - 2007-12-01 03:12:45

Hi, James!

I don't have a lot to day on this one...but I wanted to let you know that I would pray for your Aunty. My father-in-law had a quadruple bypass when in his 40's...he's now in his 60's. He always tells me how he walked around clutching a pillow in front of him for a long time because they had to crack him open and his pillow was his comfort and kept people at bay. :)

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Bypass Surgery

by SMITTY - 2007-12-01 05:12:25

Hi James,

I had quadruple bypass surgery in 1982. No one will ever have less problems from bypass surgery than I did. In fact I felt so mush better after that surgery I was ready to run an ad in the local paper advising everyone that felt tired, rundown and were not getting out of life what they thought they should, they should see their doctor about having bypass surgery. That is no lie because that is how much better I felt.

Now, I know bypass surgery is not a trivial thing. It does come with risks. But as for the surgery itself, it is usually worse for the family than it is for the patient. The patient will be sedated to the point that they have no pain at least until they get out of ICU. After that, yes the pain can be considerable, as it is about like getting over broken ribs.

In my case it was 5 weeks before I could play golf, although I wanted to play the third week after the surgery. So my advice is give the patient time to heal and that can take several weeks. Although they may be feeling much better, the pain can continue to be considerable.

To your entire family, I say have faith in your doctor, leave the rest to God and everything will be fine.

I wish your Aunt the best.



by jessie - 2007-12-01 05:12:56

my husband had his triple almost three months ago and on dec 12th it will be three months. he is cranky again so i guess it was a success haha lol lol so there you are a sucess story. it is very hard on mxocone tho so he has recovered and is working already. since nov. ist. he works in an office mind you writing procedures but he is working. . tell her she with god's grace will be okay jessie

Thank you

by Christmmpace - 2007-12-01 06:12:26

Thank you so much for your information and I'm looking forward to giving this to my cousin for some encouragement. I'm blessed to have such awesome people in my life. You guys are the best and I'm asking you all to leave your testimony. I'm going to print this out and give it to my aunty and her son. I'm greatful to have you guys in my life. Thank you and I hope others take part in sharing.


It's all good

by Carol - 2007-12-02 12:12:42

I have had 3 close relatives who have undergone bypass surgery and ALL have had very positive results. My brother had 6 bypass grafts at the ripe old age of 45..he says it was "a piece of cake" and said the leg incision was more uncomfortable than the chest incision...and if he had to do it again he would not hesitate. He can work circles around me, he is pushing 60. My father had his when he was in his eighties, and was sitting up the same evening and taking short walks the next day. My aunt had her second open heart operation in her mid eighties...and recovered well just like my dad and brother. I know ANY operation is scary and carries risks but they have refined cardiac surgeries so much that it's probably less risky now than ever. Please tell your aunty that we will send prayers and good thoughts her way for a speedy recovery. I know she will do well. Your fellow pacer, Carol

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