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I wanted to ask you if you've ever been through a Triple Bypass Surgery. My aunt had a acute heart attack this passed Saturday. I'm very upset because she's like my second mother to me. My heart went out to her yesterday, the doctors had to do a Balloon and place a stent in her to open up the blockage. She feels and looks great. They said, she needs to have a triple bypass surgery. I was wondering what to expect from the post operation issues. I'm very; very hurt by this whole thing. I want to ask those of you who know anything about what a person feels like after this operation. I would greatly appreciate any response from anyone, please. I love you guys with all my heart. James



by tcrabtree85 - 2007-06-11 02:06:16

Hey James,
I haven't experienced bypass myself but watch my 45 year old uncle go through the entire process. I was the one by his side for the entire thing besides the surgery which I wish I could have watched. Anyways sorry i'm off track. It is a rough recovery coming out of bypass surgery and a lot of pain. The thing that you can do for your aunt is make sure they are always giving her pain meds.
I would come directly from work at 7:40 in the morning and they hadn't given my uncle anything for pain yet and when I walked in I could tell he was in so much. After the first two days they knew to give him pain meds before I arrived.
The first night was the hardest part for him as he had tubes still helping him to breathe. Once they pulled them out he still wasn't able to talk much and needed help when it came to eating but he was more than ready to eat when that breakfast tray came.
Day after day it got much easier and now he is stronger and healthier than I am. I am sure your aunt will get through this with no problem. I will keep her in my prayers as God can heal in some mighty ways. Something i've been really focusing and remembering lately is that God never places more on our shoulders than we can handle. Take care of yourself.
Many prayers and thoughts,


by melvinbm1 - 2007-06-11 05:06:47

Hello there. At age 76, I went through a triple bypass operation in 2002 at Southwest Florida regional Hospital. It took about four hours and I was under until the next morning. Everything went well and I was sent home on the fourth day after the operation. It was recommended that I get up and exercise as much as possible. Luckly I had a friend that was willing to walk with me everyday twice a day. It was very tough getting up to speed but with a dedicated person helping you to GO. It can be accomplished. Six weeks after the operation I drove home to Michigan. When I arrived home my doctor put me on a six week rehab program at the local hospital. That involve tredmills, bikes and weights. That helped me more and I've continued that exercise program since then. Your aunt will be very tired at the beginning but that will pass as she gets stronger from exercise. Lot of luck.

Stents & Bypasses

by SMITTY - 2007-06-12 04:06:44

Hey James,

Been there and done that and since my mommy won’t let me and Pebbles (my guard dog) go outside and play I’ll bore you with my story.

I had quadruple bypass in 1982 at age 53. I’m sure lots of improvements have been made in the procedure since then, but it was not all that bad then for me. I was totally out of “it” for about 24 hrs but when I woke up I didn’t feel bad, all things considered. Sure I was sore, but then they had run a rip saw up my sternum and that kept me from wanting to move very much. But, I had no nausea, or sick feeling in general.

I was back in my room at the end of 36 hrs and got up the next day. Other than having to move slowly because of the sternum, I had no discomfort. By the third day and since I had no visitors and I was bored, I got up and went walking down the hall. Yes, the nurses did not like that little stunt. On the 5th day they through me out as they needed my bed.

The difference that surgery made in the way I felt and my life style is indescribable. I was ready to go up and down the streets promoting bypass surgery to all that felt tired and run down or thought they were getting old.

At the end of 5 weeks I played golf. I walked 23 holes on a wet and muddy course. We walked because they couldn’t let the carts out. Would have played more but my partners had run completely out of gas by then. The thing about that which is so remarkable to me is that just two week before my surgery I could play 18 holes while riding a cart and be absolutely exhausted by the finish.

I had a couple of angioplasties in the mid-90s without stents being implanted. I don’t know why stents were not implanted, but it is possible they were not available then, but my doctor said it helped me, although I can’t say. My first stent was in ‘00 and I had gone to the doctor complaining of sever shortness of breath. That stent did wonders. Almost as much good as the bypass surgery. My second stent in '02 was also for SOB but the results, while good, were not as spectacular as the first one. The 3rd in '05, and 4th in '07 did not do much for the way I felt, although I’m sure they helped my heart. Two of the stents are in my bypass grafts.

So, if I had a word to offer your aunt, it is the stent will probably make her feel a lot better and recovery time is very short, like three or four days or until the bandage is removed from the incision site where the catheter was inserted. The bypass surgery, while a little more risky that a stent implanting, will probably do more wonderful things for her than she can imagine. The recovery time for bypass surgery is longer and restrictions on activities are much greater than for a stent implant but the benefits are worth the trip.

I should add that she will need assistance for several days after the bypass surgery and the length of time will depend a lot on her physical condition when she has the surgery.

Please tell her we wish her the best and we will have her in our prayers.



by jessie - 2007-06-12 12:06:50

hi although i have never been thru bipass my friends have and it is a difficult time but with steady progress she should be well and stronger than before. my brother has had triple and our friend as well. take care of yourself. you and her are in my prayers. jessie


by tbe7 - 2007-06-17 11:06:32

Had quadruple bypass in June of 2001
It can be tough to get over it espescially if they take the leg vein. The main thing for your aunt is to listen to her doctors
and make sure that anyone who touches your Aunt
wears gloves. With a large incision its easy to get a staph infection.
They usually order exercise therapy after a few weeks
and that helps a lot. Im now feeling great 6 years later.

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