I'm still around........

Hello to all my friends and family pacers. I'm writing to inform you of my conditions. I'm feeling better each day. I'm no longer feeling the back of my head tightening up, nor do I feel the unbalanced feeling. I'm excited to report good news to you. I'd like you all to tell us of what your going through, good or bad. I feel it's needed to encourage each other that there is hope for us. I really think a lot of all of you. I'm hoping to someday get to meet you in person and in good health. If that doesn't happen then you will still be my buddies from the pacemaker club. I hope to let you know more in the near future.
I hope each of you have a little peace in your lives. I've been keeping many here on my prayer list. I think that some need a special touch. My hand of love goes out to you and your families. I've not forgotten anyone here. If you need me to pray for you, just let me know.
I'm looking forward to going crabbing this year. Last year was so bad for me with my heart condition, that I wasn't myself in any way. This year is a bit different and I'm very excited to enjoy my life with my little best friends ( Kids ). Take care and remember that someone cares about you...............ME



My prayer for you Susan....

by Christmmpace - 2007-05-04 04:05:55


I've just got finished praying for those on this site. You know that I'm a man who believes in God. I believe that all things are possible through our faith. I have a great understanding of where I'll go when I die. I have no doubts about heaven, it is a real place. I've been through things that I myself don't know how I survived it. My life has been fill with many different events and life changing moments. I've counted myself dead, and I truly thought my life was at the end of it's rope. I can tell you things about my life and it will still be in the past. I've changed a lot, and, I'm not perfect in anyway. I try to do what's right and I tell people, to live is to let go of everything they've been through and start thinking about a great future no matter how far it may seem.

I was praying for you and the Spirit showed me changes in your life. A new family of love; He is sending you new words of hope. I've ask God to bring you into His Wings. I've ask Him to carry you through the water, that he may cleanse your soul. He is going to clean your blood of any blood clots. He's going to stretch out His hand and bring you to a place of power and in this place you will find great peace. I prayed that His love will show you a new spiritual up lifting. I believe he can do anything for us. We must understand His greatness. God has a son who walked on this earth and His name is Jesus. You want to see your life change before your own eyes. I challenge you to believe on this day for tomorrow you will be healed.....................In Jesus name I pray...........................AMEN!



by randrews - 2007-05-05 10:05:44

I amso glad you are feeling better. These things go up and down don't they. One great change in my life since the pm is I spend more time in prayer. I love that time and that alone has made the pm worth it. I'm a little dense, I guess it took a pm to get my attention. I remember before you had mentined dancing too. But crabbing sounds alot more interesting. As a kid I went once to the gulf and I remember soft shell crabbing at night. Nature is so awesome, and it tastes good too.
God bless you,

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