Posted by ChristMMPace on 2007-01-29 15:35

Six years ago I remember being at work with a Holter Monitor strapped to my waist and the guys telling me I looked like a science project. We laughed and carried on about it all day long. The next day I return the monitor back to the Doctor's office and resumed life as normal. A few days later I was at work and over the radio I heard of an airplane that struck the World Trade Center. Everyone paused for a few minutes as the report continued with a second airplane striking the second Tower. After work, I rushed home and turned on the TV and saw the destruction with my own eyes. Thinking the worst I began crying and praying for those who lives had been lost or hurt in this tragic event. I slowly turned away from the TV and headed to my room. I noticed messages were on my answering machine. I forward my messages to the important ones, and the Main Nurse from my Cardiologist Office had call. She said,"James, this is Doctor Rainear's office calling about your holter monitor test. The doctor called your job and called you off for tomorrow. He wants to know if you ever had a tick bite or if you're a hunter(Deer Hunter). He wants you to be tested for Lymes, call the office as soon as possible, thank you. I was so scared of what the holter monitor result was, I called that office so fast my fingers caught on fire. I spoke to the Main Nurse and she said my results come back showing that my heart pauses for 4.9 seconds at a time and it was happening about one o'clock in the afternoon while I was active. She told me that the Doctor wants to see me first thing in the morning. "In the morning", I said! After hearing what she said I asked, "How can I get to sleep tonight after hearing this? She tried to comfort me and still I thought the worst. I kept thinking my heart will stop if I sleep. Every other minute I checked my pulse to see if it was too slow. If I felt my heart beat getting too slow I would jog in place. I did this for a few hours till I got to tried. Yes, this is sad, but true! On September 13, 2001 I've become the science project my co-workers talked about. My final words are this, if you find yourself thinking that life is over because you have a pacemaker then think of those who's hearts stopped for ever on September 11,2001. Look at your life with a pacemaker as a blessing to live another day!!!!!!! Take care Please make use of the chat room at the pacemaker club. We need to be here for one another and helping to bring new hope to each other, see you soon.............CHRISTMMPACE


P.S. For all the New Pacers



by Suze - 2007-04-13 06:04:38

Thanks, James for sharing this again with the new pacers on this site (me included). I thank God for my pacemaker every day...and for the people on this site.

God Bless,

thank you

by TOGUY - 2007-04-13 07:04:51

thank you for sharing your thoughts with us new pacers in my case about to be new. right you are i'm lucky to be getting the chance to lead a normal life again.

Another grateful reader

by Surferman - 2007-04-14 12:04:11

James, I appreciate you sharing your experience. Very different from my own. I'm grateful that the Lord entrusted my implant to such a skilled EP.The pain I experienced a few days ago left after a prayerful evening of giving thanks - and it hasn't returned. I guess I was correct - too much activity using my bicep. Thanks also for you response to my posting. Surferman.

Hey buddy!

by Christmmpace - 2007-04-14 12:04:30

Hello surferman,

That's what we're here for. In a recent posting people told me that I was off line with my words and my faith should be kept to myself. I've not allowed these people opinion to take me of focuse of what I am and will do to help those in this club. To me this is more then a title of pacemakers. I really care about people and I love like the Lord has shown me to love. The Lord is great and I hope you continue to seek His word in everything your doing. I thank Him for what He has done for you and me. Take care and God bless you buddy.



by randrews - 2007-04-14 12:04:46

Hi Friend,
You know, it takes effort to be thankful. Left to myself I become negative and skeptical. And the negative thoughts are no more valid than the positive. So I need to excercise my giving thanks and we need the encouragement of each other to keep seeing the very real blessings we have.
Surferman, I'm glad the bicep pain is better. I was curious about that.
Take care,


by Christmmpace - 2007-04-14 12:04:58


This is what make us so special. The fact that we have a great set of people who really care about others is so awesome. Rusty! You are truly an important part of our lives. I really appreciate your effort on listening and responding to us all. Keep up your positive thinking and your will to understand why your here. Some times after reading your postings and comments it give me great hope to know that people like you are out there waiting to share your hurts and feelings. Keep it up buddy!!!



by rosep - 2007-04-16 01:04:09

Hi James,

Your posting certainly helps to keep things in perspective - I am into my 6th week with my 1st pm and slowly adjusting to this strange but extremely clever "thing"in my chest which is helping me retain a normal lifestyle! This site has proved invaluable r. general info and the feeling that I am not alone!!


by Christmmpace - 2007-04-16 04:04:12

I hope you get better soon and back to normal life. This little "Thing" is a life saver. I'm thankful for the new technology we have today. Mr. John Hopps is the best. If you get a chance read the John Hopps posting in famous members list. Take care and God bless you.


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