Dizzy yet again

Hello all,

I have an issue any thoughts would be appreciated.

I am 44 y.o.f.m. SSS duel chamber pm. for 4 years. When I was first implanted I spent my first year dizzy. It was crazy, I could not lean over or get up fast without "spinning" I went to my cardio dr and PCP they ran tests to no availe. It slowed and then stopped for a few years.

Well it's back. It started about a week ago. I can just sit down and I start spinning. It takes a minute to get my head together. If I get up to fast sometimes I almost fall. And I try to avoid leaning down all together. Thats the worse. I have had my blood pressure checked it is 100/60. My doctors say they don't know why and my PM operating fine, my bp is within limits and I am good weight. A chem profile came back within limits as well as the thyroid.

Any clue, anyone have the same thing? I would surely appreciate it.

If needed my e mail is stillshocked@yahoo.com.

I hate to sound weak at mind and heart but they can't find anything and I'm tired of being dizzy.

thank you



by Gellia2 - 2007-07-27 03:07:17

I wonder if it's possible that you have Meniere's Disease? This is actually a disorder in the inner ear that causes vertigo (severe dizziness or it feels like the room is spinning). You could try over the counter dramamine. The disorder can go away by itself (it can leave partial deafness in the affected ear) and may also be accompanied by ringing in the ears. If you have the ringing, you may need a Ears, Nose and Throat doctor.
It could also be an allergy that is affecting fluid in the inner ear causing the unbalanced feeling.
Just a thought....Best of luck and I hope you find help soon.


by Silversmith - 2007-07-27 04:07:01

Many years ago I had symptoms somewhat like yours that almost drove me and the doctor crazy. Me especially. Turned out that I had a hair bout 1/8" long pressing on an ear drum and that thing had everything out of kilter.

Good luck,



by busby - 2007-07-27 09:07:28

Hi SS,
Could it be possible that you have vasovagal episodes. I was originally diagnosed with Meniere's disease before I had some long pauses recorded in emergency on an ECG after fainting, so I was then diagnosed with SSS. It took another 2 years before I had another pre-fainting episode (6 of these in 1 day). I am now told that I also have vasovagal syncope or neurocardiogenic syncope. PM also shows that it is working fine, as it still does it's job when the heart rate drops. It is just that the blood vessels are also dilating, like it does during a faint so that for a short time not enough blood is getting to your brain so that you still feel dizzy. I now get these type of events more frequently and I sometimes get a bit dizzy when I lean over. Don't know what causes these off days, but I do know that jet-lag and stress don't help.
take care

also potasium...

by queen_beez - 2007-07-28 02:07:47

did it to me. I passed out. They said it was due to low potasium. Have your labs done.


by Sparky - 2007-07-28 03:07:01

Robin is 'right on' - dizziness is caused by the PM kicking in to bring up the BP and pulse back up so that you dont black out so for a few secs you have that awful feeling - passes quickly I had it for longer till they adjusted my P.maker. Some deep breaths help
Lots of luck but check with your cardio if it doesnt disappear


by caliope - 2007-07-28 07:07:33

Hi SS,
I have neurocardiogenic syncope and they installed a PM to counteract it. The dizziness was enormously reduced by the PM and I stopped fainting. Robin is right about stress and jet lag, but it can also help to set you PM at a different rate. Ask your doctor. Have you had a tilt table exam? That's the only way to recognize vasovagal stuff, because it catches it in the act. For years they couldn't figure out why I was fainting because after the dizzy spell all your stats go back to normal and all the blood tests come back normal as well.
Hope you feel better soon,

Thank you all

by stillshocked - 2007-07-28 12:07:48

I have a doctors appointment on Wed. My cardio had agreed to become my primary doctor because of the pm. HE's great. I will take this to him and see what he thinks.

Again, thank you for the support.


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