I'm writing to each and everyone of you out there. I'm feeling a bit upset that I can't answer all the problems on this site. I know that I'm not supposed to give answers to everyone. That's why we all have to pitch in and give a cheer or wipe away someone's tear. We are here to help one another and I see so many people will read postings but they won't respond. I know that we all don't have the same conditions or maybe we haven't experience certain problems. With so many people on this site someone most come forth and help someone else. I'm challenging you to write some who is in need. I know first hand what you've done for my life. You most not give up hope in how important your present on this site really is to someone else. Maybe you don't like the new web page but that shouldn't take you away from people who need your words of love and comfort. My heart is sadden because I read about the anxiety of people and the uncertainty they may have about this new life with a pacemaker. Please! I ask you all to pitch in and lets be a blanket of comfort for those who need us in these desperate times. God bless you all and you're being called tonight by Him!



Thank you for the Encouragement

by ela-girl - 2007-04-03 01:04:54

It's so easy to get wrapped up in your own life and to skip taking a minute to share with other people. The better I get, I sometimes forget that I was once really bad off and that many people on this site helped me navigate through new feelings, doctor visits, mysterious pains and conditions, etc. And that there are people on here now who are like how I was only 5 months ago and that I can help them. I'm still on this site daily, but lately have just been reading posts and not responding. I feel like God has been trying to do a work in me again, and I appreciate your post for many reasons.

Pace in Peace!

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