How about it all you runners?

Hey folks,
For a couple weeks I've been hearing sponsored messages from Medtronic on my local NPR station (National Public Radio, for you folks from England, Australia, India, Indonesia, etc) rearding the upcoming Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon in Minneapolis this October. They're encouraging people with implanted medical devices (that's all of us!) to participate. They have a full-length marathon (26.2 miles), a 10-mile run, a kids mini-marathon, and a 1-mile walk. Unfortunately I'll be returning from a family trip the same day as the run, so I can't participate, but I'm wondering if others on this site, especially those who live near Minneapolis-St Paul, might plan to go? I don't run marathons and would have to train hard to get to 10 miles (I'm running 4 miles currently), but I know there are some serious runners on this site. How about it Ridera, Gevans, Mattday, randrews (Rusty) and others -- any interest? Wouldn't it be great fun to have a contingent of folks from this website to participate, all wearing Pacemaker Club t-shirts???
Take care, CathrynB


Hi Cathryn

by Peter.Nash - 2008-03-21 03:03:42

if you look at the members gallery you can see I have the shirt ha ha... might be able to make 26.2 yards how does that sound !!!!!!!!
have nice time running your 4 miles use to love it my self first thing in the morning..... surely someone can fly the flag for the PM club..... Peter .N

what about half marathon walkers?

by VonnieVern - 2008-03-21 03:03:51

I'm not a runner but hubby and I did a half marathon walk a few years ago. Dates, other info?



by CathrynB - 2008-03-21 04:03:57

Go to for all the details. I just looked in response to Vonnie's question, and it turns out the marathon and 10-mile run are October 5, but the Kids Mini-marathon and 5-mile walk are in May, so not really an option for people of all exercise levels to participate together. Still, it's an interesting thought.

And Peter, I don't accept your excuses! When pacergirl was coming to meet you, I recall you started a walking program so you could make it to the airport to meet her, so I KNOW you can do more than 26.2 yards!!!


yards and inches

by Peter.Nash - 2008-03-21 06:03:38

It is nice to hear people talking yards feet and inches once again.... can't get on with these meters ect.
Cathryn and Dominique I will take you both on... I could not let two girls beat me could I now........ what's a little ole 26.2 miles.. !!!!!!

Peter's challenge.

by Stepford_Wife - 2008-03-21 06:03:45

When you think about it, Peter can do more than 26.2 yards, he can do 78.6 feet, or 943.2 inches.
Now Peter, doesn't that make you feel like a winner?

~ Dominique ~

Medtronic Global Heroes Marathon

by ridera - 2008-03-21 06:03:45

I ran the marathon last year as one of Medtronic's Global Heroes.

The whole experience GREATLY exceeded my expectations. Medtronic treated us extremely well. I had expected the affair to be somewhat "commercial" as it was managed mostly by their Public Relations dept. But, it wasn't at all. The Global Heroes program is under the auspices of the Medtronic Foundation, Medtronic's charity group.

The marathon is extremely well managed. I'm a pretty good judge having run 28 previously, including Boston 3 times.

The weather was extremely hot and humid. I'm embarrassed to say, I let myself get badly dehydrated. There is no excuse for a guy who has 28 marathons.

But, all in all my time was good enough for 5th age-group place and 3d as the USATF National Masters Champion.

I highly recommend anyone with a PM or ICD who can run 10 miles or 26 miles to apply.


by axg9504 - 2008-03-24 08:03:25

What was your heart rate (before PM) while you were running, say crusing along in aerobic mode? I think you mentioned that you do not currently have an upper limit on your PM?

I'm no way near the ball park you play in as far as fitness is concerned and most of my running was done 30 years ago, but I'm having a rough time trying to get back into it. My upper limit is set at 140 (I'm 63). I can't currently do more than an 1/8th of a mile without stopping to recover. I don't know if that is what is limiting me or just my poor fitness level. Also I've been getting hurt, pulling some muscle or the other in my legs every time I go out, although I have tried to condition myself by walking fast for an hour for several weeks before trying to run. I'm also on a beta blocker. My natural conduction does work and sometimes I see it chiming in during my run at 160+. A couple of times I've seen it at 240, although I think that was an artifact of my Timex monitor because I didn't feel my heart going that fast.

Any advice on getting back into it? You probably were never in this situation.

were any of you competitive before ICD?

by WDC6736 - 2008-03-30 10:03:56

Were any of you competitive runners before your ICD? I was implanted with one recently because of a "progressive RV myopathy" and told I could never run again. They think the syncopal episode I incurred during a run a few months ago was caused by a RV tachycardia after doing an EP study (I had all the other tests done, too) I never had any problems up until this point--I ran distance in hs and college and even into the service, which I now must leave...I'm told I can still do my weight training and calisthenics: but even so, after my HR gradually rises to 140, it can briefly spike over the upper limit (190). Perhaps being out of shape from restrictions has something to do with it. I managed to work safely up to 230 in a stress test with no problems at all, setting a hospital record for duration. I hope my doc will be good enough to allow some extra leeway. Definitely afraid of getting popped. Do any of you have similar problems?

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