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Hey there PM/ICD friends. My husband Bob and I are just back from a month-long road trip from our home near Seattle through Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, California and back north. One of the highlights was meeting Dominique (Stepford_Wife) in Colorado, and unfortunately I caught a bug as we were leaving New Mexico and was unable to meet Susan (Queen_Beez) in Arizona as planned. To my question though: we are members of Triple A (AAA, a travel club that provides maps, lodging info etc) and as we headed for Sedona, Arizona I was reading up on the area to plan our hiking activities. I was stunned by one of the paragraphs in the write-up and wondered if there might be implications for us PM/ICD folks. The book said of Sedona: "Alongside artists live spiritualists who embrace the energy set forth by such natural splendor. Sedona is purportedly home to several vortexes, specific fields that emit energy upward from the earth. First channeled and defined by Page Bryant in 1980, a vortex is said to emanate three types of energy: electrical (masculine), magnetic (feminine), or electromagnetic (neutral). Found at various locations, these natural power fields are thought to energize and inspire. Sedona is said to contain a curiously high number of vortexes and is one of the few places in the world that possesses all three types of energy." It goes on to list numerous specific locations in and around Sedona where these vortexes can be experienced. Because I'd never heard of such before, and wondered whether these vortexes might cause PM problems, Bob and I picked hikes that avoided such locations, but I wondered: is this real? Can it interfere with PM/ICD performance? I don't understand it. So ElectricFrank and others who live or have traveled in the area and know whether this is an issue or hokey or what . . . .please weigh in? I'm not in Arizona anymore but remain curious.
Take care all, CathrynB
P.S. For those of you interested in hiking, Sedona is fabulous!!!



by cottontop - 2008-03-09 01:03:38

Sounds like you are having a wonderful time. Glad to hear you are feeling better. Sorry I can't be of help about the hiking thing. Interesting, I am curious to hear about that. Have fun and be safe.

God bless you,

For real!

by ela-girl - 2008-03-09 03:03:20

Hi, CathrynB!

Glad you enjoyed yourself trotting around the country! I, too, live in Arizona and LOVE the hiking here. There are some great hikes in the high country. I have to say, though, I've never heard all this jive about Sedona. I tend to agree with heckboy about it sounding a bit like "New Age hocus pocus." Then again, someone may post something that could surprise me!

I am curious...did you take the 60 into Arizona from New Mexico or did you come across on the 40? If you didn't drive the 60, it's an absolutely wonderful drive for another day. :)



by heckboy - 2008-03-09 03:03:45

I'm a cynic about such things and wouldn't give it a second thought. Sounds like a bunch of new Age hocus pocus to me. A good pair of Birkenstocks and full bag of Granola should keep you safe. :)

Have fun and go where you want.

next time

by CathrynB - 2008-03-09 11:03:20

OK, before we return to Arizona I'll buy some Birks and eat granola for 3 days, LOL!!! I had a similar reaction, but I don't think of AAA as an organization that would put such stuff in their book lightly. Ela-girl, we were south of 60 and 40 when we crossed into Arizona. We left Lordsburg, NM on interstate 10 and came through Arizona far south, with a BRIEF stop in Tombstone (tourist trap) and lunch in Bisbee, which is gorgeous. Then we went to the west Saguaro National Forest at a friend's home for 3 days, then north of Tucson with other friends in a golf community, then in Scottsdale with another friend attending two spring training baseball games, then on up to Sedona and Grand Canyon for hiking. What a gorgeous state! We'll definitely return. Next time I'll put up a posting in advance and we'll organize a "Pacers Lunch" or something -- I had no idea you or so many others were there in Arizona! Thanks, Cathryn

Votexes and other energy fields.

by ElectricFrank - 2008-03-10 01:03:38

I lived in Prescott,AZ for several years and used to explore around the vortex country. From an engineering standpoint there is nothing measurable in terms of magnetic or electrical energy in the area. As someone who has been around the New Age community since the 60's I can say that I have experienced something that could be called an energy field, but have never been able to measure it. So if it isn't measurable on instruments we use to test pacemakers then it shouldn't affect them.
Now I done it..everyone knows the weird side of frank!!!
By the way that is beautiful country around Sedona. Don't miss it!



from AZ too

by mandogrl - 2008-03-12 01:03:20

I've been to Oak Creek, Cottonwood, Jerome, Cordes, etc lately (all close to Sedona), and have not felt any adverse reactions. For me the lift I get from that area is from the beauty, so my recommendation is to return and enjoy it when you can.

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