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Recently I changed Cardiologist. My doctor was great but his staff was so horrible I felt like cattle.

The new doctor is great as well as staff, however the Pacemaker monitoring service "PDS" called me to set up new service. I asked about my semi-annual check up and she said, oh no we don't do that. I asked who did and she said "I don't know"

She said that "new" patients were monitored every month for the first year after implant and after that it was every two months. I told her I am new to PDS but I have had my PM since 03 so would I qualify for the every 2 monthes. She disagreed with me saying that I am a new patient because the just started monitoring me and it WAS a new Pacemaker. I again said no, I'm just switching service. She got angry and told me my schedule for call in would be mailed. I asked if I had any imput on the schedule times. She said NO, they are very busy and can not just change like that. I asked what if there was a problem with the readings. She said We don't do readings we just take the signal and send it to the doctor.

I came from a very wonderful and understanding Pacemaker clinic that was based out of a hospital and the nurses who do it check both your history and settings when you call in.

So, I called the new doctor and said I refuse to use this montioring service may I still use my old one. He said sure, it didn't matter to him who I use just so he gets the reports.

I guess the moral of the story is, If something happens, you do have a right to stand up for yourself and have things changed if you're not happy with it.

thanks for reading my vent.


It's OK to vent

by Jeffia - 2007-06-21 06:06:54

I can't comment on any pacemaker monitoring service as yet, coz my ICD goes in on 4th July 2007. Still I had many years experience before I retired (for the first time in 2001 due to cardiomyopathy), working as a scientist in a pathology service. (I now work part-time in a library which keeps me out of trouble. LOL)

It is my observation that you find "officious" persons everywhere in life, but they should not be working with patients in health care who may be sick, fearful or confused etc. Or more informed than the worker.

Just the other day I observed a blood collector behave most unprofessionally and rudely to a patient awaiting a blood test.

You did the right thing, in my opinion, by taking a stand and looking for a better service. There are beautiful, kind people everywhere who do their work with pride and gentleness. You just have to keep looking. Good Luck. I'm sure you will succeed.

Kind regards, Jeffi

Please note:

by complex - 2007-06-30 07:06:44

PDS is an independent cardiac laboratory that does transtelehonic pacemaker checks, event monitoring and holter monitors. Transtelephonic pacemakers are NOT complete checks. They are not to be used in place of complete pacemaker checks. They are superficial checks for battery, and show EKG on one lead. The technicians in these labs often have limited knowledge. The medicare guidelines are what she is referring to are by age of the device not new to the company. They also are not stead fast. They are subject to what the md FEELS is best and physican orders.

Please make sure you have your regular checks in the office and if you need an MD call your insurance company and as for an EP who surely can provide you with a complete check.

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