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I got my first PM 5 months ago. My surgery and recovery went smoothly, and my cardiac issues are completely resolved. However I've had ongoing PM pocket and scar pain from being very thin at the PM site, having quite a prominent "lump" sticking above my skin, and my shoulder "bumping into" my PM when I move my left arm across my chest, lift heavy objects, ride a bike, etc. I "met" another woman close to my age on this website who got her first PM 6 weeks after I did and has the same problem. We've compared notes over the last month. This past week my internal medicine doc, cardiologist, and a general surgeon with whom I've consulted all recommended I have my pacemaker relocated. I talked with my PM Club cyber-friend tonight and learned she has also decided to proceed with pacemaker relocation. So I'm wondering -- how common is it to relocate a pacemaker for reasons other than health problems (like infection, radiation treatment, etc)? Of those of you who have moved yours, did you go under the muscle, or for women, behind the breast on top of the muscle? If yours was moved, did it solve your pain/discomfort problems? I understand the recovery period will be VERY easy compared to usual PM surgery because the electrical leads and heart will be un-touched, therefore no 6-week arm restrictions etc -- thank goodness I won't have all those bad hair days again!! :-) Thanks for any experience or advice you have to offer. Here's wishing happy pacing to all my PM Club friends, Cathryn


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by ela-girl - 2007-06-24 11:06:40

Hello, CathrynB!

I haven't had to have my pm relocated, but I can tell you that mine is placed under the muscle and down into the breast tissue and sewn into place in the pocket. I haven't had any issues with it in it's spot. It's not a bit uncomfortable. In fact, I think it's made life a lot easier this way compared to stories I've heard of other types of placements. If you were looking at the area, you wouldn't even be able to tell it was there!

I'm glad to hear the relocation surgery should be a breeze for you and you should be able to do your hair! :)Do you have a date set yet?

Keep us posted!
Happy pacing-

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