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Hi all,

Well I used to be on here when I first got my pacemaker inserted and always find this site to be useful and helpful.
I'm a 28 year old female and have had a pacemaker for three years now. I have bradycardia and heartblock. Recently I've been tired and stuff. I decided to go get the pacemaker checked just in case it was the problem.

At the check up they noticed something and sent me for x-rays and they confirmed my lead is fractured. Now it's still working ok in one mode as it's only the outside of the lead that's damaged. But a new lead is needed.

I was wondering how common this is? Have any of you guys had this happen and how did it happen? I'm pretty active and did weights and rock climbing, could this have caused it? Should I give them up now so that this won't happen again? I was told all activities were fine and after about six months when I felt ok I went back to doing sports.

I'm due in surgery next week to get a new lead and maybe a new battery as well. Hopefully it will go well though I'm not looking forward to it much.

Thanks for any answers,

Bionic Laura


Hi, bionic_laura,

by Gellia2 - 2007-10-04 08:10:35

I, too, fractured a wire about 6 years ago. The ventricular one. I did mine just flipping over in bed and coming down on my shoulder too hard. Luckily my break was very close to the generator itself so they used a special connector (I still think it's duct tape! LOL) stitched me up and sent me home. Hopefully your your break is close enough to the battery, too. This surgery was no worse than a replacement. If you need a new wire, they usually have room for one or two more in the same vessel used before. The abandoned lead is capped and sutured in place (have one of those, too).
That was my experience with a broken wire. I hope yours goes as well.
Best to you,

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