Physicals after a pacemaker

How often and what kind of tests, besides EKGs should one with a pacemaker have?



by luckyloo - 2007-09-15 06:09:28

hi eperr,

my dr. does 6 month device checks.....on a computer it downloads everything your heart did in that last 6 months. they also test the leads by speeding up your heart using the leads one at a time depending on how many leads you have in.

that's it! i have a defib with pacemaker function on so they do one other type of testing every 2 years for ICD's.

of course, depending on your heart condition, your dr. may monitor you with a stress test here and there.

take care,

additional tests

by Eperr - 2007-09-15 08:09:34

Thanks for responding. I have had a pacemaker since 2002 and had it replaced in Dec. 2006. One reads about other heart conditions I guess I am wondering if the pacemaker testing and EkGs are all that are needed or how often are stress tests and other tests given in addition on a routine basis? I had an echo cardiogram several years ago, but nothing since. I am 69 and feel great with this new pacemaker and have so far had no a-fibs with it as I did with the first one.


by peter - 2007-09-16 04:09:07

After pacemaker implantation you should have an immediate pacemaker test. Then one in the evening. One the next day. One on discharge. One a week later. One a month later. One at 3 months and then every 6 months until the battery indicator shows end of life nearing and then you will get more frequent checks. The battery will still have up to a year of reserve when it is changed so nothing to worry about. I live in the UK so if you are in the States I do not know what they do over there. Peter


by peter - 2007-09-16 04:09:54

One further comment. Your pacemaker will have stored every event that happened to you even ones you are not aware of. When you get your check you should ask them what events they can see have occured since your last checkup,if any and what are there implications for your health ,if any. Thankfully we are now in a world where there are some real clever bods out there who have developed such sophisticated and wonderful devices.We must take our hats off to them. Happy pacing. Peter

PM Tests

by bjmcpherren - 2007-09-16 05:09:33

I have had a PM for 30 years. Regular phone checks are a must! Frequency depends on the age of your PM. My 4th PM is now 4 years old and phone checks are scheduled every 3 months. As the PM gets older they will be every 2 and then every1 month. Every 12 months I go into my cardioligists office to meet with the devise tech who does a more extensive reading, testing the performance of the leads and making any minor adjustments.

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