Got Muscles?

I've had my Pacemaker almost four months now. I am into bodybuilding and have a very muscular build so as I continue to get back the hard body I notice my pacer becomes very visible, no big deal really, however, the leads exiting the pacer going under the collarbone are being pushed against the skin I swear it looks so paper thin and becomes a bit sore at times. Some times it feels as though the leads will break through the skin. even my wife has taken notice of it. I've talked to my Dr. about this and he says because of the muscle mass it will push the pacer out more and should not be cause for concern. I really can't see myself stopping something I enjoy. So I guess this is part of the pacer life. Any one paced having this same issue? I'd like to hear about it. Thanks Chris


Pacer bulge

by bambi - 2007-03-24 04:03:00

Hi Chris,
Two things - one, your pacemaker will most likely recede more as time goes on. My bulge didn't start going down until close to a year after implantation. Two - I'm a very active person, and thin, and my pacer shows a little more than I would like it to. But the pocket they make to hold the pacemaker is usually pretty sturdy and resilient. No, don't give up what you love to do! That's one of the reasons we have these devices- so we can get on with our life! Hope you're enjoying your weekend! Bambi

Me too

by queen_beez - 2007-03-24 09:03:03

I have found that I am having the same problem as you just described. I am finally feeling better and I am getting more active ,with this , I find that my PM is pushing right against the skin. It is to the point of irratation also. I have some pain too. I find the more I lose and the better shape I get into the tighter the spot is. I know everyones skin is different and also very tough. I just wish it didn't feel like it was going to poke through my skin. I am gonig to talk to my cardiologist about it but I am sure that I will be told the same thing you were. I am quite concerned though and I wish they would have inserted it into my abdomine or further down in my breast tissue. Good luck and let me know if you find out anything else about this issue.

Weight training

by Trish - 2007-03-24 11:03:14

Hey Chris....It is great to hear that you are getting the muscle back again.

Mine is similiar to yours.
All the edges and the wire coming out the top are prominent.
I'll be needing a new PM soon and my new cardiologist already said he will put it in deeper and lower.

With bodybuilders, there are a couple issues:
1)Increased pec muscle behind the pacer pushing it out, and
2) Lower body fat under the skin layers, so less cushion

Unfortunately, for now, you are stuck with it the way it is...unless it was causing you alot of pain.
So keep up the weight training!!

But keep in mind when you do need a new one to request the pocket placed deeper.



by cbulifant - 2007-03-24 11:03:22

Thanks for the response, I had the feeling that others might have some similar issue.

Hey Trish, I think you hit it on the head, I'm not of a thin build...5' 9" 200lbs but am more lean due to muscle mass and the leads are being pushed out more.
I swear I can almost tell you the color of them, especially after a good chest workout when all the pump and blood is in the local area. All in all a small price to pay I suppose. On a good strength has not been hampered much, if any. Chris

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