Feeling AF Beats

Hi Everyone :)
Have had my pacemaker for ( AFib) almost 5 years and for the past year I have felt "rumbling"...."heavy beating"......"sludging" while at rest on my left side:( The feelings are at the rib cage area. Not ALL the time but very frequently. The arryth dr had me start taking baby aspirin daily....still does it? Am TOTALLY dependent on the pm.

Has anyone else had this feeling? It's kinda unsettling as I start wondering if the pm is acting up!?! PM is checked once a month now since 12/06.....all tests well ;) I see dr in October.

Thanks for the support.....love this site....don't feel so alone!



same issue

by coleykross - 2007-09-18 04:09:10

I have the same problem. My doctor said it is normal. I just don't understand why I never felt this before??? It really stinks because I can't lay on my left side anymore...and that is the side my baby monitor/clock are.

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