Time to party, pacer!


Chris (third1): April 26, 1986

So, if you cant decide what to do on your b-day, here are some suggestions:
1. You can fly a kite….oh, but not if its raining, lol. Well, no, I guess you could fly one, but why chance it, I say.
2. You can make a request to NASA that you would like to attend the next flight into outer space. It only costs $20 million; great bargain yes? And if you don’t like your age, you can ask the astronaut to fly in the opposite rotation of earth, that way you can travel back in time. Like Superman, Haha…
3. Well, perhaps a hot air balloon ride? Oh, but there’s the rain issue again. You don’t want to be floating up there and have the rain put out the flames for the balloon, lol.

I guess it would be wise to look at today’s forecast shall we? I’ll give you a detailed summary of the weather.
There will be areas of rain in different parts of the world…as well as strong winds. The humidity will be high in some areas, and dry in other places. Snowfall can also be expected in areas that are cold.
Well, there you go; my forecast. I hope you have a wonderful birthday and that you can do whatever activity you like if weather permits (and your pacer is doing well) hehehe
Take care!


Enjoy ! !

by Suze - 2007-04-26 01:04:30

I also hope you do something fun -- or whatever you feel like doing on your special day.

Happy Birthday ! !


happy birthday chris

by jessie - 2007-04-26 10:04:57

i hope you enjoy your birthday. valerie has some great tips for a fun day. lol lol enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1jessie

happy birthday

by queen_beez - 2007-04-26 12:04:53

Hope you have a nice birthday and just do everything on Valeries list. That should fill your day.haha. Take a breath of fresh air and be thankful you have that pm to help you see another birthday!

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