2nd surgery recovery

Last Oct I had a St Jude PM implanted. Last month the tech found both leads were going into my lower heart. I went back in three weeks ago to have the lead fixed. The Dr had to remove the old lead and put a new one in. He went in thru the same incision. Now the cut won't heal well and the Dr told me today it looks infected. I am now on meds to cure the infection. has anyone had a similar problem. Can "water" collect in the wound?


2nd surgery

by patpeter - 2007-05-12 07:05:53

Hi, sorry to hear you had to have the 2nd surgery, when one of my leads went bad they left the bad one in and put a new one in a different place, I was lucky I didn't get an infection. About "water" collecting inthe wound, you can certainly have fluid collect but I don't think it's made up of water. What you want to see is clear fluid, not anything with a yellow or green color to it , that's a sign of infection. I am not a doctor so if you have questions you should consult your MD right away. I hope you heal up soon, and don't hesitate to call your MD that's why we have them. Take care and keep in touch.

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