PM Lead goes down not up

Hello, Had a St Jude PM put in last Oct. Got Broncuitus in Nov and coughed for over a month. St Jude tested th PM today and said something was wrong. Dr sent me for xray and found one of the leads in my heart was going down to the lower heart area with the other lead. Now I have to go in to the hospital Thurs and have it changed or a new lead put in. Has anyone ever had that experience? Mr Frog


Loose lead

by Surferman - 2007-04-24 11:04:17

Wow! I've never had or heard of what you wrote. It seems logical to me that all that coughing could cause the lead to break loose since it had just been implanted and scar tissue may not have had time to form around it to hold it. I know my St. Jude was screwed in because I head the EP ask for her screwdriver after she had set one of the leads. You'll be in many of the club members prayers on Thursday. Let us know, Mr. Frog, how things turn out. Surferman

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