Chainsaws, mowers and trimmers

I have a KDR901 Pacemaker implanted in 2003, and have enjoyed a trouble free experience so far. Yesterday, I used my small chainsaw and suffered moderate fatigue afterwards. I have used this chainsaw many times previously, with no ill effects, but have been advised that chainsaws, weed trimmers, lawnmowers, etc., should not be used. What information is available and has anyone experienced difficulty after or during the use of a chainsaw?


Chain Saw Effect on Pacemaker

by SMITTY - 2009-12-27 09:12:41

I doubt that the effects from the chain saw on your pacemaker was the cause of your fatigue. I say that because the possible adverse effects of a chain saw on a pacemaker comes from the electromagnetic field generated by the saw's ignition system. The EMF from a chain saw is very low so you would have had to have your pacemaker within inches of the saw for it to be effected. If you had done you should would have felt it immediately as it would have felt like your pacemaker does when they put the magnet over it during a checkup. Then as soon a you moved away from the interference, your pacemaker would return to normal operation. I think because you have used this saw many times previously without ill effects, confirms it probably was not the saw that caused the fatigue.

Of course there are many heart related things that can cause fatigue as well as many nonheart things that can cause fatigue and if it continues, or is a problem I suggest that you see your doctor.

For a lot of information on what may effect your pacemaker go to Google and put in "Devices That May Interfere With Pacemakers"

Good luck,



by wwm - 2009-12-28 12:12:21

Thanks Paula and Smitty. I fully agree; I think I just overdid it physically. When using a chainsaw, I prudently maintain an iron grip for safety reasons. That alone is fatiguing.

After watching an NFL game and resting, I am headed back to the paddock to finish the job. Happy holidays to you both

Strong Electric Field near Chainsaw

by IdahoBackwoods - 2010-02-21 04:02:56

My St Jude medical PM2210 was implanted two months ago, and I've been considering what activities may interfere with it. I live in the forests of north-central Idaho, and heat the house with wood I cut on my own property. St Jude's technical support people tell me that I will no longer be able to operate a gasoline-powered chainsaw, because one of the hands that holds the saw is only inches away from the sparkplug and its ignition cable. The current induced by the ignition's electric field will pass through my body and shut down my pacemaker temporarily, making me light-headed and likely to faint. If that happened while I was running my chainsaw, the results could be kinda bad.

I have a Tri-Field EMF meter from AlphaLab, and it shows the electric field near the top of the chainsaw's wrap-around handlebar as being more than 100 kV/m, whereas the safe limit for pacemaker wearers is 1-4 kV/m.

I'm going to have to use an electric chainsaw when I'm close to the house, and an axe or crosscut saw when farther away. I will also have to hire somebody to do some chainsaw work for me when I need to fell and buck up big trees.

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