Thank all the posters with their information about getting ready for surgery. Due to your information, I did my shopping, and am now set up. My date for surgery is May 2, 2007. If it hadn't been for this website, I wouldn't have known to get a strapless bra and button shirts to wear after surgery.
I am getting my PM due to a heartrate of about 36. I'm a 56 year old woman, and I'm tired of feelin' tired! This site has been an education and a comfort to me. Thanks again. :-) Barb



by Suze - 2007-04-20 08:04:34

I'm glad this forum could be a help to you.

We'll be thinking of you on the 2nd. I'm sure it will go even better than you think. You sound like you have a good attitude and want to be informed. That's a good start.

Again, welcome. And please keep us updated on your recovery.

Another pacer,


Hi Barb,

by randrews - 2007-04-21 02:04:10

I love this site too. I'm 47 and my bpm was high thirties. Then I got my pm. I'll pray for your surgery. Stay in touch and let us know how it all goes.

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