Hi there everyone... I was just wondering if anyone has ever felt there PM kick in (so to speak lol) I was busy all day and the first time I sat down today I felt my PM start beating.I have never felt it before and it felt slow to pick up to me.My heart rate was 40 for almost 2 min.(the PM is set for 50) but I felt light headed for a few sec. and then it was hard to get my breath and I could feel every beat (felt hard) from my head to toes. My heart picked back up by itself after a few mins but it was kinda weird...Has anyone ever had this happen to them?
Should I woried? Sorry I had to repost this but the other one had 3 comment and none I could get to show up so I could read them. So if anyone would like to message me or try and repost comments that would be great...I would like to know if I should worry abpout this:)Thank you


maybe I can worry now

by amy29 - 2007-04-13 09:04:58

No one have ever had this happen...but me?


by rosep - 2007-04-13 11:04:43


I have only had my pacemaker 5 weeks, for heart block. It is set at 60 and I seem to be aware of it "kicking in" if my pulse drops when I am resting i.e reading, watching TV. Very wierd -just one heavy beat and off my pulse goes! I am back at clinic next week and will mention this - don't feel worried as my pulse seems to respond well - but it is a strange sensation isn't it? Rosep

I know the feeling!!

by txcandyland781 - 2007-04-19 03:04:17

Hello, I just wanted to give you a little of my story. I am 29 had my pacemaker implanted Oct. of 06 thinking this was gonna fix most everything. I had to have another surgery in Nov. of 06 i was very symptomatic to the pacing...when the pacemaker would kick in I could feel it and it felt like someone or something was trying to take my breath away sometimes being unbearable at the same time feeling light headed and as if something was stuck in my throat. So, like I said in Nov. they moved one of the leads the was in the bottom right ventricle and also replaced it. I had gone to the er not long after that with the same thing going on felt like something was wrong...I have had three other doctors tell me due to my age and small size that I am could have a lot to do with it...they said that in younger people the chest wall is thinner and when the pacemaker kicks in and makes the heart contract it can press on the lungs...while they were testing my pacemaker I was connected to the oxy machine and my oxy level did drop a who knows. I had another surgery again Feb. 8, 2007 to have a third lead put in and he also replaced my old pm that was a guidant 1298 with a CRT-P H125 to try and even out the contractions on the heart thinking it would take some of this away only for them to keep it turned off I didn't even know he had changed my old one till I got my card in the mail..not a good thing...anyway my point is i have felt what you are feeling. Good luck and if you can keep in touch and let me know how it goes...I'm not sure my doctor or any doctor that I can find has the time to do the research to find out what is going on they say I have the best...Once again good luck

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