Switched from Hysteresis ON to OFF again!

Hi everybody,

On 28.06 I posted related to the Hysteresis mode witch the doc switched me on (45/120). I was feeling really bad after this new change: near fainting very often, dizziness, slight loss of vision, palpitations, feeling warm and fatigue... Actually, during last nighs I could´t sleep due to a strong palpitations spells and today I decided to go there for a new control appointment. The doctor changed the parameters again (50/120) and the Rate response at 80 hoping with this new trying he found the right settings this time. He said it is hard to find the right one, because I have Bradycardia episodes that the PM controls but at the same time suddenly drop of my blood pressure. It needs to be a compromise between both rates. Before the interval was to big, therefor I was having the palpitations. Well, it is just to keep you updated -specially Blueaustralia, Smitty and Barbara who replied me last time.

Greetings and all the best
Manuela L.



by Maguila - 2007-07-10 04:07:20

oops! a little lapse hysteresis is not off, is still on!

Manuela L.

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