john's bipass

hi everyone who was so kind to me. john is good now. he spent 4 days in icu but it was because his b.p. was very low and they had to give him drugs to raise it. then they had to slowly wean him off. he is discharged in the a.m. he is doing well. meanwhile i woke up sunday a.m. and every muscle ached and i could barely walk. i had a fever and so i went to e.r. they found out i had 2 infections so put me on antibiotics. our daughter is flying here to care for us.for a week, i think it will be better for john as 2 weeks approaches. they say you turn a corner. he says that he will in no way ever have this again but i think that he loves life and as he says this now he would continue to listen to his doctor. he said it just takes everything out of you. i believe that but if it gives you years of a good life then wow. i am sure shortly he would have had a heart attack. so thank you wonderful people for all the thoughts and prayers. i see we have 300 dollars now 200 to go. jessie


Really pleased that you are both OK

by dholt - 2007-09-18 04:09:31

Dear Maureen and John

I am so pleased that you are both going in the right direction. I am at work at the moment and are praying very hard for my family,you and John.

In my hand bag I have my star of David (grandmother was jewish), wooden cross that a work colleague has brought me and healing stones around my neck.
So trying to cover every base and hopeing that it bring everyone some good luck.

Thanks for everything Maureen

Good news!!

by Rewiredaussiegirl - 2007-09-18 10:09:54

Dear Maureen,
I am so glad that John is on the road to recovery now.
You take care of yourself though as you must be run down to pick up those infections!!
Make the most of having a good rest while your daughter is there.Your friend Kay

So glad to hear you are both...

by queen_beez - 2007-09-18 11:09:48

doing well. At least you were in a hospital with your husband to get the care you needed. Maybe it was meant to be. I am so very happy to hear your husbands procedure went ok. He will get through this and be very happy he did it. Anything that causes one pain makes one sy enough but one must weigh thte options and one will see it is definately worth the pain to gain the extra years he will have with you and your family. You please remember to take it easy as well. I know we as wives and mothers have a tendency of putting ourselves second to everyone. Please take care of yourself. If you fail yourself ,you will fail your family as well. I am not preaching, only caring. I care about you and I hope I am not sounding in print to be nagging. Just ,get a little rest yourself. So glad your daughter is coming, as I am sure you are too.Anywaygive your family my best and let your husband know there are others that have went through it and it is not fun and very painful. One must sometimes fight through thte day and the pain and hopefully before you know the days will pass and he will awake one day and say wow I am feeling so much bettter.
I hope this for you both.
Your friend,

re bipass

by craftygirl - 2007-09-21 12:09:19

hi Jessie, When my husband had his bipass he was only very young so when he got home his sister came to take care of him( she is a nursing sister) but when she arrived on the farm he was already in the paddock on the tractor trying to catch up on all the work he was behind with, she ended up going home in tears.He is still doing okay now that he is 61y, I know it's over twenty y ago, we have only been married for 16 y.
I hope your husband will feel better soon,and yourself too Jessie love marie

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