hi while i was at my cardiologist on friday i told him about my condition breathing wise and the number of antibiotics i have been on. he took pity and ordered a pulmonary function test for monday and he put me on a new inhalor which has done wonders in one dose. i can't hear the wheezing. he thinks i may have asthma. we will see . i am just so relieved i am getting some help in the right direction. we are also dealing with imminent death from cancer in the next few days for my sister-in-law. she has the same family physician as i absolutely useless. a vet might do better in fact most likely would sorry for being so bitter. so thanks for all the support. i am somehow now optimistic jessie



by SMITTY - 2007-06-02 09:06:23

Hi Jessie,

Glad to hear you have gotten some relief. I can only imagine how bad difficulty breathing must feel.

I know from reading your messages for some number of months that you are not normally bitter, so I know things must be bad. I do hope things get better for you and your family soon.

I wish you the best,


thank you

by jessie - 2007-06-03 05:06:50

thanks it is much better. i appreciate the prayers. you have no idea thanks jessie

Glad to hearthe good bit!

by johng - 2007-06-03 07:06:42

Hi!, Maureen,
Sometimes it takes a while to get there,(especially for the medical profession).
Being able to breathe easier must be a great relief, I can't imagine anything worse for dragging down your energy levels and your spirits.
Sorry about your family problems, I hope John and you are able to support your sister-in-law and her family.
Our thoughts and wishes are with you all.

my thoughts are with...

by queen_beez - 2007-06-03 11:06:07

you and your family. There really isn't much that can be said to someone going through as much as you are except perhaps you are not alone. We are your freinds here and though our challenges in life and on this site are not always something that has to do with our heart or PM /ICD s. I have found out first hand that the support on this site does not end when our wound has healed. I wish I could do more for you and I will pray for your family to find the strength to get through all of this. When you ll prayed for me I did not thikn that any of it would make a difference but I was wrong. I found so much comfort in my "strange" friends that I now realise it was those same friends that carried me when I was feeling so low. I will never forget all the private messages I received and how it all made me keep going on. I hope that one day you will feel this too. I am still going through much but I come to this site to find my friends and they are ALWAYS there for me. DAY OR NIGHT. ALWAYS. so remember that day or night we will be there for you. I don't know how nd I don't know when but ,I do know that I will be here whenever and for whatever you may need.
Bless you and love to all your family,
ps glad your breathing is getting better. At least that is one less thing you have to deal with.


by randrews - 2007-06-03 12:06:01

Hi Jesse,
congratulations on finally getting some relief. I hope your test goes well. I'm sorry about your sister in law.
My prayers are for you and her and your family.

breath of fresh air

by valerie - 2007-06-04 05:06:48

"so remember that day or night we will be there for you."

....unless we're logged off. lol you know I had to write that.

so, Monday is the big day....well, as you can see, you have a lot of people here who really care for you and you also have MANY prayers heading your way. So don't worry about a thing.
The pulmonary function test doesn't take long, and its painless (unless the person doing it accidentally hits you with a clipboard or something)

You are such a strong person, especially when you are also going through other personal problems. You take the time to come on here and update us when possible, and you also give wonderful advice on this site. A truly wonderful person! ....(sometimes. lol jk)
Take care,


by jessie - 2007-06-04 12:06:29

you are too funny. sometimes i just laugh and laugh at your comments. how did you get so witty about life at just 21? i am inhalor free right now before the test and seem okay. will get it done and see the results. take care maureen

I'm witty?

by valerie - 2007-06-05 02:06:40

Why thank you. I always thought of myself as beautiful. Oh, wait, I thought you said pretty. An understandable mistake; the spelling looks the same :)

Anyway, what’s the verdict on your lungs? Please update. You should actually post another post so people could read the new one.
take care,


by jessie - 2007-06-05 10:06:08

so i am going to g.p. to-morrow. i had the breathing test and i think i failed it. but on the positive side the inhalor i am on is good for 24 hours and i am breathing much easier. i will ask for chest x-ray to-morrow and make sure nothing else is going on. i am coughing up some junk since the new inhalor. my chest is not as tight and congested for sure. so hopefully we can get to the bottom of this. i need to know asthma allergies whatever it is. so my sister-in-law has taken a turn and is now in the last few days of her life. the adult children are coming one from idaho and one from the sault and so as a family we have done a darn good job of being there and supporting my brother and her. she is going to be pain free soon and gone back to god. thanks for all the support on this site take care jessie

Take a deep breath

by carismendez - 2007-06-05 12:06:01

okay now let it out...

I like the quote on the right side of my screen right now... "you know you're wired when...
bad hair days can be blamed on your device shorting out!" That made me laugh out loud.

Good luck and my thoughts are with your family as well.


by jessie - 2007-06-06 08:06:10

i slipped into negative mode and now i have restored faith in my doctor. he says i have copd and that the inhalor will improve it. he said it is not as bad as he thought and he will do a chest x-ray but is quite sure nothing else is going on. so i will have to stay away from 2nd hand smoke . i will have to invest in an air cleaner and he said it is not so bad and he feels i will be okay. he did say tho i have to lose weight and i need to do it slowly . so back to weight watchers. lol lol i am very fortunate. thanks for all the support. i have lost 4 pounds so far. lol lol

thanks for the update

by valerie - 2007-06-08 12:06:26

Well, at least now you have a diagnosis! Although, it stinks that you have COPD, but good thing your doctor is taking care of this immediately before it gets any worse.
Oh, and dont get sick to lose weight! lol. Just do the easy and safe way. Here's what you do.....go ahead and eat a tapeworm and you'll lose it fast!
just kidding! LOL
Anyway, please make sure you rest up and please keep us posted.
take care!

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